Yvonne Orji To Film Her First Stand-Up Comedy Special At Howard University

Yvonne Orji To Film Her First Stand-Up Comedy Special At Howard University

Comedian Yvonne Orji has landed her first hour-long comedy special while on her comedy tour. According to Essence, the Insecure star will have her own stand-up special air on HBO this summer. Orji will be taping the special on February 29th on the campus of Howard University later this month.

In between jokes,  there will be clips of her trip to Nigeria.  The special will be directed by film and music video director Chris Robinson while Orji will serve as executive producer.

Unbeknownst to some of her fans, Orji got her start as a stand-up comic and that’s how she caught Insecure creator Issa Rae’s eye.

“It’s funny, Issa met me as a standup, yet so many fans are just discovering that this is a thing that I do,” she told the Chicago Tribune. “This is how I got my start. So going on this tour has kind of introduced my fans to, this is what the creator of the show saw and that’s how we became friends

Orji also has other projects that will be unveiled this year.  In May, she will be releasing her first book, Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams (and 20 Lessons I Learned Along the Way), where she speaks about the lessons she learned through the Bible, her family and her own life experiences. Orji is also working in her own show titled First Gen, which was inspired by her own experience as a first generation American born to Nigerian parents who expected her to become a doctor.

“I think it speaks to a lot of people who are first generation which is why we call it First Gen,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “If you’re first generation anything, you know the struggle of, ‘How do I become the fully formed version of who I am but at the same time, adhere to the traditions and norms of the old country?’”

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