Womanpreneur Blair Powell Of Blo2Go Gives A Glimpse Into Her ‘Little Big World’ In Her New Book

Womanpreneur Blair Powell Of Blo2Go Gives A Glimpse Into Her ‘Little Big World’ In Her New Book

Written by Dereka Bennett

It’s 10:20pm in Detroit, Michigan. Blair is in the front seat of her car in front of her grandmothers house, applying pressure to the multiple bullet wounds on her torso. The wounds are filling with blood. She reaches for her phone to call for help, praying that the one percent of battery that was remaining would last long enough for her to speak to her mother. 

“ I went into straight survivor mode. I told myself over and over that this wasn’t the end,” says Blair. 

That was the night that changed the 22-year-old’s life and motivated her to make the world a better place. 

Growing up in the city of Detroit Michigan, Blair Powell, also known as “Cali B,”  is a self-made business woman. The upcoming real estate mogul and entrepreneur first began her ventures in owning businesses in 2013. 

She started off with a clothing line, customizing shirts and selling them out of the trunk of her family’s car. Fast forward to now, Blair is a professional Hookah Sales Person in Atlanta, GA and a newly published author. 

“ I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 13, which is how I developed the stage name ‘Cali B,” says Powell. “I started Blo2Go in 2018, one day sitting in my apartment bored, realizing Atlanta had no good hookah, and also no orange heads which is why theirs is so harsh.” 

She continues: “A friend of mine and myself decided we would go into business with one another while my cousin fronted us the money for everything. Very shortly after that didn’t work out because, you can’t mix business with pleasure; close people and business seems to bump heads for some reason. I ended my partnership and continued to blossom alone.”

Blair began to market her hookah cups to social media influencers and celebrities such as Ella Bands. In exchange, these public figures would post her business to further promote the products.

“Ella bands being the first, I paid her $500 and in 24 hours I watched my PayPal account grow to $6000 just off of that one promo she had done,” says Powell. “My company took off ever since, I stopped having to pay people because people loved the product so much that they started reaching out to me.”

Blo2Go is now the hottest portable hookah company in the Atlanta. However, it took a lot of grinding to get to where Blair is now.  

As a child, Blair faced many adversities, including growing up in a high-crime area in Detroit, losing her father to gun violence  and left to be raised by a single mother. The state of her environment caused her to search for love and affection in the wrong places. As she pushed to make a better life for herself, a few of those adversities followed her, which led to her being shot in 2017. 

Her experiences with gun violence and her childhood is what led her to write her book, “Little Big World.” Her book serves as an autobiography, giving intimate detail in her upbringing, her losses and challenges. 

“I wrote this book in hopes of being a testimony to someone in need,” says Powell. “This is only the beginning of my story in which I started experiencing hardships at an early age. Going through things that a large percentage of young women, especially African American experience.”

She continues: “Everyone isn’t always as mentally strong as the next person, some of us don’t have it in us to pick back up and continue to strive, I believe my story will gain interest of a young girl or girls like myself. Where I can grasp them into wanting to be just as resilient as I am, helping them understand that you can learn from someone else’s experiences rather than your own.” 

Blair says her goal behind her book is to show people that they don’t have to become a victim of their circumstances. Instead, people can take their pain and turn it into something great—whether that’s through entrepreneurship or perusing a higher education. 

“I want young women who glamorize social media and the street life to be inspired to take another route by learning from my experiences,” says Powell. 

Be sure to check out “Little Big World” by Blair Powell. The book is now available at www.littlebigworld.com

Feature Image via IG @thepowerofblair


  • Karan Moore
    September 1, 2020

    This is amazing I am so proud of this young woman. Congratulations on your Journey and much success in your future

  • Half Pint
    September 1, 2020

    Words can’t express how Godly proud of my Bear( Blair )! She’s one of those young people you worry about, but you don’t worry about, because you know she’s gonna come out on top. She’s always been business minded since the age of 9, yes 9! So her doing great things at 22 is no small feat but a great accomplishment and something to be expected.

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