Will Smith Honored By Dr. Bennet Omalu For His Work In ‘Concussion’

Will Smith Honored By Dr. Bennet Omalu For His Work In ‘Concussion’

Two weekends ago, the box office was treated to Will Smith’s latest film Concussion — a story based on the NFL and the head injuries that come with the sport.

Smith played the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the man who founded a disease called CTE, which is caused by traumatic hits to the head like those received in football. The movie got mixed reviews, but from Dr. Omalu’s perspective, Will Smith knocked it out of the park. As well as Variety, who awarded Smith with a Creative Impact Award at their Brunch in Palm Springs yesterday (January 3).

“He stole my soul from me. I came away from the film thinking Will Smith was me,” Dr. Omalu said. “There is a holiness to truth,” he added. “In stepping up he enlightened all of us.”

During his award acceptance speech, Smith admitted, “I am a football dad. So when I got that screenplay, I was concerned.” As far as why he went through with the role anyway, Smith noted, “Omalu just wanted to tell the truth and what we do is deliver the truth.”

Concussion is in theatres now.

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