Verzuz Inspired Moesha Playlist

Verzuz Inspired Moesha Playlist


For nearly 20 years, almost every 90’s kid held their breath for the moment when Brandy and Monica would join forces yet again. Well, last night was certainly that moment. Talk about doing it for the culture. Granted this wasn’t a full-on nostalgic performance where some of us desperately wanted Mekhi Phifer to emerge, but it was truly historical. 


Over 3 million+ viewers joined to see the two living legends bring us back to the days where platform flip flops were the rage and numerous R&B songstress ruled the Billboard Hot 100. The amount of love shared between Brandy and Monica was immeasurable. These two ladies without a doubt acquired the highest viewed Verzuz Battle by far than any other collaboration. Most would agree that it was more so a trip down memory lane rather than a battle. In the words of Monica, “It was a celebration of music.” 


With these occasional trips back to the 90’s from Moesha episodes now available on Netflix to last night’s Verzuz Battle, who else is in their feelings? 


Be honest Moesha had us all in our journals pouring out doubts, boy problems, and gripes with our parents just pen to paper. Talk about life before tablets and laptops, right? 


Back in the day, Moesha would have had an actual cassette mixtape to pair with her woes and frustrations. Nowadays, Moesha would have had a playlist to marry with those entries. For those of us over 25 can look back at some exes and attach a few songs to how they made us feel. 


As a fun way to reflect on those past beaus of Mo-Tuh-The E-Tuh-The we compiled a playlist Moesha would have had with strictly only Brandy songs. 


Did we get it right? 



Boyfriend #1 

Name: Ohaji (Played By: Merlin Santana)

Title: Puppy Love 

Song: Baby – Brandy 



Boyfriend #2 

Name: Q (Played By: Fredro Starr)  

Title: The One That Got Away 

Song: Have You Ever – Brandy 



Boyfriend #3  

Name: Jeremy Davis (Played By: Usher Raymond)

Title: The Scholar 

Song: Sittin’ Up In My Room – Brandy 



Boyfriend #4 

Name: Aaron  (Played By: Brandon Quinton Adams) 

Title: College Bae

Song: Almost Doesn’t Count – Brandy 



Boyfriend #5  

Name: Khalib (Played By: Ginuwine)

Title: Mr. Wrong 

Song: Full Moon – Brandy 



Boyfriend #6 

Name: Channing (Played By: Jason Winston George) 

Title: The Older Man 

Song: I Wanna Be Down – Brandy



Boyfriend #7 

Name: Hakeem (Played By: Lamont Bentley)

Title: The Best Friend 

Song: Best Friend – Brandy 



Boyfriend #8 

Name: Matt Tarses (Played By: Andrew Keegan)

Title: Jungle Fever

Song: Talk About Our Love – Brandy



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