Tyler Perry Turns One Of His Movie Roles Into Real Life

Tyler Perry Turns One Of His Movie Roles Into Real Life

Director/Mogul Tyler Perry seems to be living out one of his more recent movies. Perry recently saved a woman from her poverty stricken situation.

Mirroring a similar situation of that of the movie Good Deeds Where Tyler plays a mogul that helped a mother get back on her feet after losing everything she had. Toria Thomas was homeless living on the street. And after being raped, beaten and losing her children Tyler Perry has come to her rescue and helped her get back on her feet. In addition to giving Ms. Thomas 7000 Perry has also paid her rent for one year as well as started working on getting her children back to her.

I have to commend Tyler for this because I am one of his biggest critics but this shows that he’s still as humble and as selfless as he was upon entering the business. This shows a man that wants to help anyone that needs his help and doesn’t want the flashing lights or notoriety that most would clamor for when going out there way instead Perry has made sure that he did this in his own way.

So often we get celebrities who want the spotlight on them doing good natured things it’s refreshing to see someone in Tyler Perry’s position just doing something because he’s been so blessed to have it. I pray that the blessing that he has passed to Ms. Thomas will help her not only get her children back but keep her from ending up in the same situation as before. Tyler has truly exemplified what it means to LIVE CIVIL.

Has Tyler Surprised you with his actions? And do you feel more celebrities should go the route that Perry has gone?


  • Alesia Mae Shaw
    October 1, 2012

    It really doesn’t surprise me that Mr. Perry helped ths family out. He seems to be a humble person and is very greatfull how God had blessed him and is doing what they said the Lord.Help those that are in need.

  • Joy
    October 5, 2012

    I love his personality. He is such a good man and I truly hope that the woman he helped takes advantage of her blessing and steams forward. People don’t always get a second chance. God blessed them both:)

  • Carleen
    October 6, 2012

    I’m not surprised at all what Mr. Perry has done. I’m truly thankful and grateful that God has looked down upon him and smiled and blessed him. Thank you for being a blessing to this world. Thank you for not forgetting that God brought you out and if he brought you out he will do the same For others. Tears!!!!!!

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