Bag Style: Karli Henriquez Launches ‘Dinero’ A Vegan Friendly Handbag

Bag Style: Karli Henriquez Launches ‘Dinero’ A Vegan Friendly Handbag


Successful red carpet correspondent, TV host and radio personality, Karli Henriquez, wants you to put your “Dinero” in her new handbag. In collaboration with Imoshion, Henriquez debuted “Dinero,” an affordable collection of handbags.

“When designing this purse I had women like all of you in mind, not kidding. My friends, colleagues and co-workers all played a role on what I envisioned my handbag to look like. “Dinero” is the name of the handbag and it is a statement piece that offers beauty, quality and luxury at an affordable price.”

Karli Henriquez knows how to rock it on and off the camera. Between celebrity interviews, red carpet appearances and traveling, Karli felt the urge to design a bag that is functional and cruelty-free. “Dinero,” the Spanish word for money, is Karli Henriquez’s debut handbag collaboration with Imoshion. The  PETA approved, ostrich texture on “Dinero” gives her that million-dollar feel without the price tag. The design features a top-flip for closing, a 5 1/2 inch handle for carrying and to add to the chic-ness, a dangling lock.

The Ostrich textured handbags are offered in three varieties: Sand Castle, Summer Nights, and Palm Trees. The versatile look of Dinero enables fashionistas to dress up or down while wearing it.

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