Top 3 Female Photographers Who Are Killing The Game

Top 3 Female Photographers Who Are Killing The Game

In a male-dominated profession such as photography, it’s expected for women to always be in front of the lens instead of operating the camera. Meeting a successful female photographer is rare –even in 2015. 

With that being said, we want to highlight three women we know are currently killing the game to help break the norm.

The ladies we introduce to you shoot celebrity portraitures, concert photography, product shots of brands, while still having time for personal projects of their own. Not only are they great behind the camera, they have great personalities, and unique stories to how they got to where they are at right now in their careers. There’s a lot of creativity bubbling in these women, and they are huge inspirations to other aspiring photographers.

Check out our list below, and don’t forget to follow their IG accounts!

Shot by Ravie B.

Raven B.

Raven, who comes from the Bronx, has been featured and published on HRDCVR, Life + Times, Complex and more in the past three years. Since her sophomore year in high school — with an interest in engineering and architecture — she discovered her love for photography, thus creating herself into a well-known brand in the music industry today. She’s developed a style of concert and lifestyle photography that is clean while causing jaw-dropping reactions. Follow her here.

Photo by Aviva Klein

Aviva Klein

New York-based portrait and documentary photographer, Aviva Klein, went through a long and lonely journey until she discovered her talent. It wasn’t until she had a falling out with the music industry that led her to the photographer she is today. Klein is known for her portraitures of Action Bronson, Diplo, Beyonce, and more. Her client list is through the roof: Pepsi, Universal Records, Puma, Nike, etc. Aviva’s photography is outstanding, and she stays active in her craft by developing personal projects such as “Thank You Wes” and “In the Shadows.” Check out her work here.

Photo by Tasha Bleu

Tasha Bleu

Tasha Bleu is based in Brooklyn, New York and specializes in commercial mens fashion imagery. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University in ’09 and started her own company, Treu Bleu Imagery. She works with and has been published on Hypebeast, Complex, Reebok Classics, The Hundreds, Forbes Magazine and more. Tasha stays on the move between Los Angeles and New york, killing it in the commercial industry. You will see a lot of her work in magazines and advertisements. Follow her here.

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  • Jasmine
    January 28, 2016

    Great article. I’m an aspiring photographer myself and trying to learn as much as I can. I really love hearing and reading about the women who are breaking the ceiling when it comes to male dominated industries. Please keep updating the site with new and upcoming female photographers from time to time. It’s definitely motivation. Thank you.

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