Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring ‘21

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring ‘21

Spring is finally here, and so are the new trends of the season. While many of the forecasted trends have been seen and done time and again, I’m here to break down the top 10 trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe, no matter what your personal style is.

Bold and Bright Colors

This season is all about stepping out in boldness! The trending colors of the season are lime green, bubblegum pink, and tangerine orange. Don’t be alarmed, Civilians! If you’re not used to wearing bright or bold colors, try incorporating them into your wardrobe with accessories like shoes, bags, or even jewelry.


SHEIN Solid Split High Satin Skirt

EvaLuLu Woven Chain Bag


Mesh or Sheer Fabrics

Spring fashion is all about femininity, and what’s more feminine than chiffon? The mesh/sheer trend is the perfect trend to help add tutu-like girliness into your wardrobe. Pastel hues like baby blue and lavender are fresh and light enough that they won’t overpower the softness of the sheer fabric.


For a double dose of fabulous, pair your sheer pieces with monochromatic undergarments or accessories.


MissGuided Blue Organza Oversized Shirt Dress


MissGuided Lilac Organza Skater Shirt Dress


The Basic Maxi

Whether you’re going for a Target run or a casual lunch, I’m sure we can all agree that maxi dresses are a necessary part of Spring and Summer fashion. This season, forget the frills and streamline your Spring wardrobe with solid, neutral-toned maxi dresses. To elevate the style and achieve a not-so-basic maxi look, pair neutral maxi dresses in knit or ribbed fabrics with gold accessories. Accessories and textured fabrics go a long way in making simple outfits seem more thoughtful than they are.


SHEIN Solid Form Fitted Sweater Dress


Holes and Cut-Outs

This isn’t your typical ripped jeans or a chance to wear your favorite top that accidentally ripped last season, Civilian. Instead, we’re looking for strategically placed cut-outs and, believe it or not, intentional holes. You can take this trend from office to happy hour by pairing a white or neutral bodysuit with an abstract cut-out detail with a bright-colored blazer.


SHEIN X Ji Yeon Lee Ribbed One-Shoulder Ruched Drawstring Dress


SHEIN X Ji Yeon Lee Tie-Dye Mandarin Collar Cutout Mini Dress


Sorbet Pastels

If you’re still not convinced about lime green and bubblegum pink, this one is for you. Mint and pistachio green, lilac or lavender, baby blue and soft pink are going to be popular alternatives to the loud, more summer-like colors that will also be trending. Don’t forget yellow!


Sorbet pastels are a great way to practice color-blocking. Pairing mint green with lilac, baby blue with pale pink or lavender with soft yellow is a simple way to prove your mastery of color, and stand out in every room.


Mr. Softee has nothing on you, Civilian.


Forever 21 Drawstring Bodycon Midi Dress


Relaxed Trousers

It’s casual, Civilian. Everything about this season is casual. We’re deconstructing the traditional suit and going for a more relaxed, easy-going style. We’re also going to see trousers worn in less traditional and more casual settings. A pair of loose trousers, thong sandals, and a simple crop top to brunch, or paired with a loose button-up and slip-ons or sneakers for an even more casual, yet still refined, look. You’ll finally look like you tried, but not too hard.


If trousers still feel a little too stuffy for you, we’re also going for a more relaxed fit in our denim. Go for boyfriend styles, wide-legged denim, or straight-leg “Mom” jeans.


MissGuided Blue Belted Highwaisted Pants

MissGuided Plus Size Blue Co Ord Highwaisted Belted Tailored Pants



Bralettes are an extremely versatile wardrobe staple. They can be worn as stand-alone pieces, or under blazers, jackets, or sweaters as a subtle nod to femininity and sexiness. They also serve a more functional purpose, adding support and coverage to outfits that are a little too revealing for your regular bras and underwear.


This season, we’re going matchy-matchy, with bralettes in velvets and satins, part of monochromatic two-piece sets. You can make a statement with embroidered, feathered, or 3D styles.


Bralettes are also a great opportunity for color-blocking sorbet pastels or introducing bold colors into your wardrobe.


MissGuided Blue Tailored Buckle Bralette

Victoria’s Secret Unlined Floral Embroidered Long Line Bralette


Simple Separates

This sports-inspired trend is already making waves in fashion blogging. Polo tops and cropped button-ups are quickly becoming Spring staples, and I’m not mad at it! These pieces can be bought or worn in two-piece sets, or easily paired with a variety of pieces, hence the name simple separates. These tops can be worn with pair of boyfriend jeans, a midi skirt, a mini tennis skirt, or a pair of relaxed trousers. It’s another versatile trend that is a must-have this season.


Tip: stick to your basics if you’re on a budget. White, black, and neutrals will pair easily with pieces in sorbet, neutral or bright tones.


SHEIN Lettuce Trim Rib Knit Solid Polo Tee

MissGuided White Notch Neck Sleeveless Crop Top



Another inspired trend, utilitarian pieces borrow detail and characteristics of military uniforms to create clean, poised, and powerful fashion looks. Matching sets, neutral colors, collars, lapels, and wide pockets are just a few features to look for when trying to achieve a utilitarian look.


For a more approachable version, look for matching sets in soft colors like sage green or light yellow, and lighter fabrics like linen.


SHEIN Lapel Collar Knot Front Crop Top

SHEIN Button Front Utility Blouse & Belted Shorts Set

SHEIN Premium 100% Cotton Utility Belted Skirt


Fantasy Florals

Last, but certainly not least, we can’t talk about Spring fashion without talking about floral. In keeping with the spirit of boldness for this season, fantasy florals are all about huge floral prints, bold colors, or abstract variations. If you’re not as keen on the Alice in Wonderland version of this trend, get the look by going for whimsical or playful styles, like a milkmaid dress or mixed media crop top with denim.


MissGuided Floral Print Frill Neck Midi Smock Dress


If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Civilian, we’re going outside (safely) and we’re going bold. In cut and in color, whether you’ll be color-blocking with pastels or sticking strictly to neutrals for a utilitarian vibe, you’re sure to stand out this season!


Remember, personal style is just that… personal! Choose the trends you love and that fit your wardrobe, and rock them with confidence! You don’t need to break the bank or your norm to look great this season. Don’t forget to accessorize your Spring looks with a matching (or color-blocking!) face mask!

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