Titanic II Ship Confirmed To Set Sail in 2016!

Titanic II Ship Confirmed To Set Sail in 2016!

A billionaire has confirmed his intent to construct a replica of the original Titanic, with its maiden voyage planned for the year 2016 from Southampton to New York.

Clive Palmer previously commissioned the Titanic II to be built back in 2012, but has now opened up about his plans for the ship at a press conference this morning (February 26).

“The area [for] passengers will be authentic with the same design and facilities,” he said. “But there will be modern things such as air conditioning and other features we are debating – such as internet on the ship.

“There won’t be TVs in the state rooms, though.”

Palmer added that those in first class will be banned from anyone in second or third class. Costumes inspired by the 1920s will also be provided.

He stated: “It will really help you pretend you are in the movie.”

Palmer refused to talk about ticket prices, insisting that his attention is on recreating the feel of the original ship. Like the first Titanic, there will be a gym, squash court and swimming pools as well as dining rooms for the lower classes.

The Titanic II will carry 2,600 passengers and employ 900 crew members. There will also be enough lifeboats for everyone.

“The Titanic stands as a monument and hope [for] everyone who came to America to fulfil their dreams,” he continued.

“Today, we know the US has become what it has become. A great Republic is the best hope for the world and mankind, and the Titanic can play a big role in that.”

The first Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 after hitting an iceberg.

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