The Racist Side Of The Nation’s Largest Industry: Ghetto Gaggers

The Racist Side Of The Nation’s Largest Industry: Ghetto Gaggers

America produces most of the world’s pornography, an industry that grosses $15billion dollar annually in the US alone.  That is with little regulation and the widest audience for speculation known to modern-day man.  You can tickle your fancy with any and all fantasies you so may choose on the world wide web.  And it caters to all races, and unfortunately, even all ages (illegal as it may be).  Some choose the lighter, more subtle route while others may enjoy a raunchier display of affection.  And then there are the other-others, who have chosen a more historical route to sexual encounters.

The latest trend to catch on in the secret world of sex was found by writer/journalist Jamel Shabazz who writes:

One day, I Googled negative terms for Black women just to see what I’d find. One of the phrases was “ghetto bitch,” and to my surprise, a pornographic site called Ghetto Gaggers appeared.

Capitalizing off of the torture and inhumane treatment of Black women, “Ghetto Gaggers” is a site that is new to the mainstream but has been around for some time.  Featuring a group of white middle-aged men, Black women are sexually abused and physically tortured through gagging, humiliation, racist mockery, and violence.  Sounds familiar?

As proven through videos uploaded on the site, most–if not all– of the participants are not under mutual understanding about the actions that take place thereafter signing the agreement.  And many porn stars who believed they were aware of the proceeding details before they agreed have quit the industry after the taping, according to Shabazz.  Read a few more details from Shabazz’s piece below:

“After we get through with them they’re going to have to see a psychiatrist for the rest of their lives,” one attacker boasts on camera. In a typical video, three or four men take turns physically and mentally destroying their victims. During 90 minutes of barbarism, the perpetrators spit in their faces, slap them, stomp them and force some to crawl on all fours with chains around their necks. In other scenes, the women have watermelons smashed on their heads and then are forced to eat the melon, along with the men’s semen. Some women have their faces shoved into a toilet, much to the pleasure of the assailants. During the grotesque finale, the men shove their penises deep inside the women’s throats until they vomit into a large dog bowl, which is emptied on them. As the humiliated women cry, a host promises fans there will be new girls every week!


This new form of psychological warfare is gaining momentum and popularity among racists. There are now hundreds of sites specializing in the sexual destruction of the “ghetto bitch”; from the now defunct “NaziNiggers”, which featured white me in Nazi gear violating black women, to “Exploited Black Teens,” where a white man has sex with underage black girls, to “White Boys Stomp,” where the home page trumpets “We Hunt Down Black Sluts!” Ghetto Gaggers also has a spin-off site,, which shares the same concept as Ghetto Gaggers, but with less brutalization.

I most definitely have been taken aback by this piece of information, but I can’t say that it has surprised me.  In the day-and-age where everything Black women do, see, touch, and think is scrutinized and picked apart by not only the media, but even our very own is a norm for me now.  From a proclaimed scientist releasing “evidence” that Black Women Are Less Attractive to the latest NYT piece entitled Black Women and Fat— who is actually worried about the Black woman?  Besides the rebuttals to these pieces that come after its already popularized publication, what is the motivation for these articles?  Are they written to reveal the truth or to degrade a population?  Is a woman who would assume and interpret misguided claims about her own identity doing so to move herself forward or to gain clarity with an audience?  It seems to be that we’re always on the list for endangered species but never in consideration for preservation.

Jamel Shabazz concludes it best: “When mainstream society can’t see Black women’s beauty, or recognize their worth and dignity, maybe the psychopathic hatred of “Ghetto Gaggers” is the end result.”

The most baffling thing that’s occurred to me in 2012 is the unrelenting pulse for a confirmation that change has come.  Not necessarily Obama’s change, but the change that was dreamt, sought, marched, and supposedly achieved: MLK’s change.  Still, there’s this ever-lasting pull that tugs with Earth’s gravity and Space’s levity, battling the former’s existence through sight, and the latter’s through conscience.  So, everyday, we wake up renewed to a world on television and in walking life that we believe has undergone a transformation like no other country in history.  But then, I scroll down my Twitter timeline: George Zimmerman, Phil Mushnick,  Joel Ward reactions, Fox News’ actions, and so on and so forth.  And then I watch a Black man joke about a Black woman, and suddenly we’re all up for debate in the mouths of the same men who were once our allies against a racist nation and despicable injustice.  Could it be that these Black women have yet to speak out because not only do they believe they would ruin their own reputation against strangers, but also within their own community of misguided anger and ridicule?  Who really knows these days?

Read Jamel Shabazz’s “GHETTO GAGGERS: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than It’s Women

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    • Nour
      February 13, 2014

      i think many clients take their proutcds too seriously these days, scared sh*tless to have a laugh with the target audience in case it ‘cheapens the product’.they want a big ad. with lots of scale. and people. and things dropping from the sky.

  • Robin
    May 29, 2012

    Surprised to find this. I noticed ghettogaggers back in 2008 and it still hurts me to my soul, as a black men. I’ve written about it a lot then til now. Only recently have a couple dozen results been reachable by searching, which address this matter. Part of what’s troubling (behind the abuse itself and its residual), is that most black women believe what the media tells them. They’re always so willing to abide by white mans rule. They wage war on black men at random for any little cause; be it a “video” or be it a “song title”. But what’s done or said about A-C-T-I-O-N against black women mainly (or women period) like ghettogaggers and all of the rest. They’re licking male behind and having things done to their bodies ANIMALS aren’t even taken through. They fact they’re paid 300-800 in cash. Only. Should hint that these black women like the abuse so long as it dealt by “who it’s dealt by”. Black women have the audacity to excuse it more than half of the time, ime. When have BW ever broadly spoken up for Black males this way. When not defending the site, BW hardly won’t as much as mention it. The violence against women are MIA on this. They don’t care about Black women either. Evidently. “Baby Lisa” “Lindsay Lohan” “Kim Kardashian” news can cover these stories all year long for 8 years, beating each over and over media-wise. But Ghetto Gagger is hidden. With intent, mind you.

    We pretend to want to pave a more healthy future out for our younger women coming of age. and with so much IR fascination. Who do you think most of our girls are gonna crawl to to receive pleasure in mistreatment? Young white boys of the future will know demonstratively how to misuse black women at all ages. There’s a new blueprint, thanks to the age of ‘net. God help us.

    I would conclude here with a message of providing love and value to your children and hopefully neighbors children. But this makes little difference now. The self hatred blacks feel (especially our females) maybe unrecoverable.

  • N'jaila Rhee
    June 11, 2012

    Actually, the people that run this site don’t target black women, they have an umbrella of sites that feature white, Latin and Asians. They hate all women pretty equally. Its also said they pay Black women MORE than the white girls that do their site which is unheard of in the American porn industry.

    • myles
      June 21, 2012

      I’ve seen this site. when your watching it its hard to beleive that this actually is abuse but it is, and thats the cold truth. Hundreds of girls on the ghetto gaggers site and all of their spin off site have to undergo things which no human being should have to undergo while these fools who are forcing it laugh on. it’s a surprise these men are still living after showing there facing on this show and me watching there videos makes me want to change. even worse is the racial; abuse the black women receive they make a mockery about our fight and our struggle and when i see videos like this it tugs at my heart and i wonder when these people will grow from all the racism and fear of people who are midly different from them and when we will be able to live in a proper society where people truly do understand black people and dont just pretend to and attack us in the safety of there own homes and on the internet where peopl;e cant trace them. The reason they do this today is because they are scared that people will see them for what they truly are because they know that racism is wrong. People who are racist and open about it are the people who try convince themselves that they are right and so they will live and die in denial.

    • Roy
      September 18, 2012

      That’s Bullshit and not true

    • ARW
      November 11, 2012

      That a load of bullshit! They are clearly putting alot racist overtone on Black women more than the over races why the hell those kkkracka gotta put watermelon on a Sista’s head and call her the N word. Why is it these nasty AIDS spreading kkkrackas degrade them the most bringing up slavery of how they rape our grandmothers generation ago. This is clearly Max Hardcore style with racist, sexist, dangerous consequences. Yeah, these women have a nerve to hate their own race to get some dirty blood money, but when they go to a murderous ass kkkrackas who damn enough rape, torture, humiliate, and kill them camera they stupid ass will never realize what stupid ass choice they put themselves into in the first.

    • Ceaza
      April 16, 2013

      Oh so they hate on women of all colors so I guess it justifies that our eartly women decide to be mistreated.. Our history is not the same as these other races

    • slikyriky83
      September 7, 2013

      thank you for pointing that out. i understand the outrage as a black man but as a porn lover i can just turn on some facial abuse to watch them do the same to a mixture of white asian women or go to latina abuse and see them do it to some hispanic women… if you want to be outraged be out raged at their sexist approach to porn rather than the racist stuf because as far as i’m concerned the racism is just another tool of degrading that they use on white women as well and yes, just as hard.

    • EvaR
      November 11, 2014

      It seems like it’s just acceptable to not even try to hide racism against anyone in porn. It disturbs me. It’s all black men and women as animalistic creatures, asian women as inscrutable submissive china dolls, etc. And the person who would be upset at you for perpetuating stereotypes against people with their clothes on will not bat an eye at someone’s collection of Ghetto Gaggers, Black male cuckold porn, “Asian Teens 1-10” etc.

  • Roy
    September 18, 2012

    that’sN’jaila Rhee’s commit that is

    • N'jaila Rhee
      October 9, 2012

      Oh? What is bullshit about my comment? They have Facial Abuse, Latina Abuse, GhettoGaggers and other “abuse” sites that cater to this fetish.

      I know people that have performed for the site, male and female. Their studio is in my home state of NJ, I’ve interviewed the owners. They understand that this is a niche fetish. The people that subscribe to that site also have this understanding. Every performer has their own reason for doing scenes for this particular umbrella of sites.

      This is not much different from or Red Eye porn sites, its not uncommon to divide a niche into racial sub categories.

      I would be more offended that the Adult industry doesn’t call Black women “Black” but rather Ebony and porn is only considered “interracial” if the man in Black.

      • Kinte
        March 25, 2014

        you sound like typical son of satan whore. you nasty ass filth. you sound like you have no mind

      • Kinte
        March 25, 2014

        yeah! women like you have a double portion of a white mans spirit. you on here arguing with black men take white wanna be ass and explain that bullshit to them sons of satan. you and them whores need to be Lynched with the force of a 1000 resurrected slaves. No sustenance having she devil. Since you new found she devils want to be down with the dogs, I myself will throw you to the dogs as a Mastah throws his dog bones and food straps

  • Jo
    October 10, 2012

    Well for everyone who is upset about this website, i hope you include as well or is it okay because black men are allowed to do this to black women. Hypocrites.

    • julian.tyson
      October 24, 2012

      thank you jo for mentioning that. but its acutually called black on black crime

    • Torie Thomas
      February 17, 2013

      those are they women

  • Antonio Giovanni
    October 21, 2012

    And black dudes who run trains on white women aren’t racist? This shit happens ALL the time but what has the white man done about it?

  • julian.tyson
    October 24, 2012

    stop blaming the white man. They wanted to get the money quik, and didnt care how they got it. just lazy ass black women who dont like to work a regular 9 to 5.THATS IT. It’s jus purrrrrrrrrre lazyness. I kno alot of black that would do this if they knew no one they know would find out. And also these are paid 2 to 3 thousand, not 400 to 800 hundred. Thats why they do it. That’s a couple of monthes rent right there. Instead of getting up and finding a job, they do that. So I don’t feel sorry at all for these black things. I cant even call them women. AND THIS IS COMING A BLACK MAN

    • ECP
      March 8, 2013

      At the end of the day the women who sign up for this should be ashamed of themselves its total degradation of our race. The white man is the devil Ill come straight but the black woman that runs to this white man because he knows he got the meal ticket for her is even sicker than the devil because she lets him win. The devil is always gonna do his job. I see it more and more now you got white men shitting on our race as a whole on these girls are cool with letting him do it while shoving his dick down her throat just for a few dollars? Sickening. I admit the black women gets a bad wrap but with shit like this goin on we expect it to stop? Black women need to take a stand and one thing they need to stop doin is lookin for meal tickets and dating outside the race.

    • slikyriky83
      September 7, 2013

      thank you homie my thoughts exactly!!!

  • Bama.Bama
    November 5, 2012

    N’jaila Rhee sounds like she works for them.. That site black on black crime was started by them mainly because ppl kept complaining so the these dirty bastards went and found acouple of fools to take the heat off of them. Its not hard to find 4or 5 dumb NIGGERS. No matter what they say Latino Abuse and others are not the same as GG. Nooses around they neck, bananas inside of them i can go on and on. They dont degrade other races like blks they dont shove burittos in Mexicans mouth or rice in Asians. They even get them to degrade Blk men b4 they start while white men put blk face paint on. We have a GG that stays in my city TUSCALOOSA, AL her name PORSHA STARR it took like a year and a half b4 it came out so they can fade back into society, this Bitch was living right back in the projects with two BLK KIDS, after everyone found out she played like she gay.. Now she wana be a rapper on YouTube lmao. she say she regrets it and all the other stuff most of them prolly say. AND THEY DNT GIVE THEM OVER 1000.

    November 19, 2012


  • Brian
    December 10, 2012

    I find this so hypocritical. Did it ever occur to you guys that there are similar sites where Black men do the same thing?

    Or did it ever occur to you that maybe if Black men were more loyal to Black women and would stop running off on them and their kids, fewer Black women would have a need to earn money by doing scenes for Ghetto Gaggers? Black men are always whining about how intolerant society is to see them with a White woman, who they just want as a status symbol and to piss off White men, nothing more. Black women have told me that many Black men have an inferiority complex and feel that having light skinned babies who have White in them guarantees their kids a better future. To me this shows an insecurity and is not always true. The msm forces us to deal with the Black Men/White woman fetish due to pc reasons and to offset the past. Also an insecurity. Most Whites did not own slaves btw, and there were Blacks who sold each other into slavery and free Blacks who owned slaves. Pastor James Manning and Shelby Steele talk about this.

    I have gotten negative stares from black guys, not all but some, for getting lap dances at those garage strip clubs before. Good grief. Like I said, society is suppose to tolerate Black bucks who chase after and knock up White women. But god forbid a small number of White guys decide to take the plunge into some chocolate women or get a lap dance at a club from one, which is not all that common anyway.

    I have been a member of GG before. Big deal. These are all grown women who chose to do this. Love them or hate them, the owners of GG were pioneers who took a huge risk and found a niche market of White guys who want to see Black women in a submissive state. And it has paid off.

    Unless these women are your family members or a dear friend, I would not worry about it.

  • Renagader99
    December 14, 2012

    I love to see Black Women degraded just as i like Latinas White and Asian women degraded…but i would love to see a black men that wouldnt be so hypocritical thats a very rare thing FUCK BLACK MEN!!!!

    • Shhh
      June 2, 2013

      RenaGAYER69;) Now you know you wouldn’t say it face to face so why do it online? Let’s keep it peaceful! Big ups to B.Bama, THEY DON’T DAAARE DO OTHER RACES THE SAME!! (N’jaila Rhee)

    • leonard
      March 29, 2015

      how many stories just this year of white men killing there whole family,or white women killing there white husbans for insurance money or crazy young white male kills his mother and father and then goes to school and shoots as many people as he can before killing his self so many stories of you white men and women trying to marry there own children and the pictures on the internet of yall having sex with animals you have this kinda stuff with a few crazy people in ever race but for a lot of white people these kinda of acts seem to be a long hidden traditional part of there culture that is coming light.

  • Menelik Charles
    January 5, 2013

    See…you already have a Black woman justifying and/or minimizing the racial and sexual abuse of these Black women…and making no mention of its historically context or significance.

    Interesting, eh?

  • Denise1979
    January 7, 2013

    I’ve heard about GhettoGaggers but I can’t bring myself to watch it, I’ll take your word for it. The appeal is the very public and “consenual” sexual humiliation of black women based on the description you’ve referenced is troubling enough.

    Knowing that the demand for black pornography actresses in more mainstream genres is lower than others and paid less leads to exploitation. And what really disgusts me is this idea that “they should’ve known better” (not from the author, from the commentary). If these women are quitting after the scenes are shot then it is fair to say that the details weren’t fully disclosed. They are no more “lazy” than the other actors/actresses in the industry so you have to wonder where that charge fits (again from the commentary, not the author). Being a black man doesn’t offer more insight, just proximity in repeating stereotypes or excuses for bigotry (again not the author). Desperate, sure. No more desperate than anyone willing to use what they believe they can readily access to make money. In case their race and gender in a genre where they are in demand.

    Anyway I’m not going to implicate black men in this mess or act like they could do anything about if they wanted to. I just wonder if there is a way have this brand investigated for unethical practices and possible violation of industry rights. Unfortunately, like prison, the stigma associated with the industry might make it hard for abused people to come forward, especially when the perps have access to legal resources the plaintiffs don’t.

    I also worry that this will pave the way to sexual violence against black women, by white men, in the future using the same racialized stereotypes and excuses used 50 years ago. I’m thinking it’ll start with illegal sex workers and then poor/working class black women in the form of intimate partner violence. Both are the most vulnerable to the excuses that’ll be created by the perp including the lack of reported sexual assaults on black women by white men. The “Unrapeable” apology is on its way back and no conformation to the moving goal post of “respectability” on the part of black women is going to stop it. It didn’t 50 years ago when they had no stats, reality tv, or Ghetto Gaggers.

    Maybe there is away to create some awareness about this among black adult actresses. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the write up.

  • Sherrie
    January 22, 2013

    I agree completely with Denise1979. The porn industry is not going away, and it continues to be a profitable (although somewhat exploitive) job for women. These women shouldn’t be bashed for their career choices; people should ask why these women aren’t guaranteed safety and why they are being taken advantage of, especially being minority women. Women of color are usually not given the same benefits in a porn and are usually cast in some of the most degrading films as a result.

    • Ceaza
      April 16, 2013

      Is it me or does it seem that SOME of the women on this forum are SLIGHTLY justifying this.. I don’t find this either wrong or right but a choice the blk women make.. My problem with them is when they complain.. We need to stop treating blk women like they are babies who are not responsible for they action like they don’t know what they are doing.. A long as they don’t complain about being disrespected cuz as ghandi said it be the change u wish to see.. She don’t need to come to no brotha about why is she being disrespected but when some white boy is doing her worse she doesn’t care to defend herself.. Tis is blks women’s fault and they’re fault only.. Wen they are ready to advance their minds and catch up with the other women they will but as of now they as in last place with luscious bodies only worth being perverted for white men who can’t get the same out their women. Blk women it is ur fault cuz u are responsible for ur actions individually and as a whole. I’m pro blk but it’s a shame that most blk women now a days force me to give credit to other race of women because its so obvious that our women do not see they are still suffering from mental imprisonment

  • Dannyboy
    January 24, 2013


  • larry smalll
    February 5, 2013

    look the truh is the girls, have to sign up for these type of shit, no one is forceing them to any thing, they do for the money they aint being kidnapped or forced none of this shit is new, hell the see the web site they see what is going on, and they go for it, why are feeling sorry for them. i just saying!

  • Torie Thomas
    February 17, 2013

    Everything about women, is always the more less those are women like me, racist they hate a black woman more than the black man.

  • David Ruffini
    March 15, 2013

    Anybody who doesn’t have a problem with this is sick themselves. Who would want someone to throw up on their genitals. There r worst things too. They piss on women. They go to Africa and abuse women. Zambia has locked up white tourist for exploiting sisters.

  • David Ruffini
    March 15, 2013

    As u can see, those women in reality shows like Atlanta Housewives only care about money also. Ebony only puts celebrities on the cover. We have a vain cuculture.

  • deogracious chisanga
    March 26, 2013

    these devils will completely rot in hell just hold on the end is coming soon it will be soon a black man”s turn just hold on my brave black bros and sisters these short dicked devils want to manipulate us an think they are superior but GOD THE ALMIGHTY IS WATCHING BELIEVE AND TRUST ME ON THIS ONE VERY SOON THE TABLE WILL TUN

  • hazem
    April 3, 2013

    I want to kill them ant tell there bitches to have some self respect

  • Ceazasofly
    April 17, 2013

    women by nature were designed to be docile and compliment men.. She follows he leads as he leads she follows.. There are times a woman leads and men follow depending on how each other can be flexible to compliment each others roles.. Nw blk women are abused through their nature to follow and instead might not see that they help with a big part of white supremacy because their womb is most potent on the earth and when she produces white men sperm is kills off blk born gods.. Blk men and women are the highest in the universe.. And blk men need to stop sweating these stupid white bitches too cuz our women are better they are doing a trade off and u blk men don’t see dat u getting the worse end of the stick.. While they fucking ur luscious curvaceous chocolate women.. Ur fucking some flat jello skin flabby white bitch who can only buy her body parts to compete with our women.. And these white boys do the same to compete with us.. W need to appreciate how much of a beautiful pele we are in order to appreciate blk love

  • Shhh
    June 2, 2013

    I agree with Brian 100%! Those clowns took a huge risk and got rich, love em or hate em. I don’t condone in it personally but if they do it I’m gonna indulge, I love seeing blk women in a submissive state myself just because it’s rare. I just wish Porsha was from my city, can’t wait to run into Flawless & London!

  • Shhh
    June 2, 2013

    Rena69. Now you know you wouldn’t say it face to face so why do it online? Let’s keep it peaceful! Big ups to B. Bama, THEY DON’T DAAARE DO OTHER RACES THE SAME!! (N’jaila Rhee)

  • cool breeze
    June 8, 2013

    ever black women on ghetto gaggers are a disgrace to our race. and you girls want find a man because when we find out who you are we going to dump you dead on your head

    • Sihrus
      August 30, 2013

      Fuckin’ right on man. Women are the glory of every race. By participating in this dispicable action, they bring shame to the house of blacks. They are pitiful. Then again, scratch that, they deserve NO pity. Because they CHOOSE to participate in it like the fools they are. I reject them as blacks. And since it’ll be a cold day in hell before those fucking white crackers except them as one of their own, they are left in a state of culturial and ethnic purgatory. With only their their porn dollars to comfort them. $800, $1200.. does it matter? That is still nothing in todays market. They’ll cling to their every dollar, while simultaneously struggling to evade their shame. They’re next porn videos there after will be entitled: Penny Pinchers

  • cool breeze
    June 8, 2013

    you black women hurt me so bad I’m actually more disappointed in the black women then the ones who made a fool out of them

  • cool breeze
    June 8, 2013

    You may never find a man know you girls are done and when your children find out what you did thay will never see you the same

  • ANON Z
    June 22, 2013

    i found this page while looking for more porn of this nature. and being a fan of “misogynistic” porn i have found it is extremely hard to find anything like ghetto gaggers. this leads me to believe that while there is a large amount of white on white, black on white “misogynistic” porn out there,there’s not a lot of white on black. ghetto gagers is just filling a much neglected nitch in a good way…. hood rat be a hood rat she know what she do

  • Shhh
    June 22, 2013

    I wanna know where do they find these women? I’m in search for a submissive, obedient black lady that’s willing to get treated GG style off cam & offline! Any candidates? Email me @

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  • jake
    July 15, 2013

    This might be too late but check out or type in blackpimped on any search engine.

  • Shhh
    July 16, 2013

    B.O.B.C Is owned and operated by G.G. You can’t compare them anyway. Black on black crime don’t do 1/2 of the humiliation.

  • Aaron Australia
    July 23, 2013

    yes i can see how somethings can be perceived as being more racist then the “facialabuse”or “latinaabuse” websites, but do understand the more shit these girl’s are willing to have done to them, the more $$$$ on the paycheck, I.E the grape soda, fried chicken and watermelon scenes are a extra $250 on the paycheck, where as the facialabuse girls have nothing to offer racially to get paid more, the latina’s dont have much to offer but some lame gardener/border hopper comments thrown at them, but also the girlsare shown video’s and are well aware of whats going to happen to them, to ALOT of these girls it’s there big break into porn, and also Lacey Duvalle shot a scene with them and says during the intro she is there to helpclear there name, but at the same time, she is probably being paid more to say that, I have seen just as much racist in blacks on white in porn aswell, in scenes like blacks on blondes, zebra girls and just random scenes,i have also seen more racism in behind the scenes of porn sets then ghettogaggers provides, the fact remains these group of guys do this to cater to a large fetish crowd, and to the guy who said no other race has had a history like yours..but there is one race equivalent called the Irish and another race who had it much worse called The Jewish/Israel. Now in Australia we were unaware of how the watermelon, fried chicken and grape soda were considered racist as this is a common WHITE PERSON feed, and our black people(aboriginals) dont tend to eat this stuff as much, so when complaint sites like this popped up we were finally aware why ghettogaggers was considered the bad guys of all the umbrella sites, if it helps any, it seems alot of websites wont carry the ghetto gaggers videos like they use to, a quick googlevideo search shows you cant fina full videos like you once could, but at the same time, if these girls had no idea what they were getting into, why do a few of them go back for more?…the answer is MONEY, they did this before and they knew what was on table, and they go back for money because they stillknow whats on the table, it’s classed as a domination web site and seems to cater to those who like sadist and masochist without all the gay leather.i also point that all 3 GhettoGaggers, FacialAbuse and LatinaAbuse, why it’s know these guys are just down right women hating pigs, they hate each women equally and will even cater to some womens request, like candace von requested a black guy was in her scene, so she got what she wanted, which when that happened, i think it inspired BlackOnBlackCrime, because that popped and was using the same women, but watch alot of interacial low class porn(yes i consider GhettoGaggers low class) and theres always a racist comment or hidden racial comment in there, but i have never once heard the word nigger in any ghettogaggers video, and this OP hasn’t much of an idea, nazinigger was an april fools joke released by the redlightdistrict porn creators, with a short fake scene/intro, which was completely removed except by motherless, as for GG/FA/LA/BOBC this all stems from the works of such video’s like slap happy, except now with racism and more dominance, and slapping/domination is nothing new in porn of this millennium .

    • Ron
      February 14, 2014

      3e8d790d79ed7aa. d7aad795d79cd7a2d799 eisenia fideta d790d799d7a0d79f d79ed79bd790d79f. d794d79f d791d794d797d79cd798 d79ed7a1d795d792d79cd795d7aa d79cd7a6d790d7aa d79ed7a2d7a8d799d79ed7aa d794d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798 d795d79cd7a0d793d795d793 d79bd79ed794 d79ed798d7a8d799d79d d791d799d795d79d. d7aad79bd795d79cd7aa d794d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798d7a8 d794d7a0d794 d79bd79ed7a2d798 100% d797d795d79ed7a8 d790d795d7a8d792d7a0d799. d791d7a1d791d799d791d794 d7a9d791d7a2d7a8d79a 2% d79ed794d7a8d79bd791d794 d794d795d790 d790d795d7a8d792d7a0d799 (d79cd79ed7a9d79c, d794d790d793d79ed794 d7a9d79ed7aad797d7aa d79cd793d7a9d790), d7a1d7a4d7a7 d790d79d d799d7a6d79cd799d797d795 d79cd7a9d7a8d795d793 d79cd790d795d7a8d79a d796d79ed79f. d794d792d79d d7a9d794d79f d79ed7a9d792d7a9d792d795d7aa d791d7aad7a0d790d799d79d d793d795d79ed799d79d. d790d791d79c d79cd790 d79bd790d79f, d791d79ed795d79cd793d7aad79d d7a9d791d790d799d7a8d795d7a4d794.d79cd790 d791d79ed7a7d7a8d794, d7a7d7a8d795d791d799 d79ed7a9d7a4d797d7aad79f d794d7a9d79cd7a9d795d79cd799d79d d799d792d795d795d7a2d795 d791d7aad795d79a d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798d7a8. d797d795d79ed7a6d799 d79cd794d79d d79ed799d793d799. d795d7aad795d79cd7a2d799 d794d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798 d79cd790 d799d79ed7a6d790d795 d794d7a8d797d7a7 d79ed79ed7a0d795 d7aad7a0d790d799d79d d790d799d793d799d790d79cd799d799d79d d79cd794d7aad7a4d7aad797d795d7aa d790d795d79bd79cd795d7a1d799d799d7aad79f.d795d792d79d d790d79d d790d7a0d795 d79ed7a7d791d79cd799d79d d790d7aa d794d798d799d7a2d795d79f d7a9d7aad795d79cd7a2d799 d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798 d794d7a0d79f d79ed799d79f d7a4d795d79cd7a9 d79ed7a1d795d79bd79f d79cd79ed794 d79cd7a2d795d793d793 d791d79ed79bd795d795d79f d792d79d d790d7aa d7a4d79cd799d7a9d7aad795 d7a9d79c d796d791d795d791 d794d797d799d799d79c d794d7a9d797d795d7a8?!?21

  • rob
    August 1, 2013

    I love how the focus of the article is white on black… but theres no mention of the 100’s of black on white… blacks just love whining … grow up

  • David Ruffin
    August 9, 2013


  • Jmen
    August 19, 2013

    I would just like to point out that there are even more websites featuring black men abusing and racially degrading white girls. It’s a thing. So thinking that this will promote violence toward black women is a bit one sided. Porn promotes violence toward women in general.

  • rock
    September 18, 2013

    because of my history i’m not supposed to have a gun to protect myself so i’m barred from ever having one…because of the predatory crackers history against the blk man/woman he is not to have one and so should be barred from ever having one…wait, that’s right they made laws for the history of the blk man to not have a gun because of his history…why is the white man allowed to even touch a blk person due to their history…i can’t find a site equally as racist to any other nation of people, thats because they know who you are and you do not (know who you are)

  • The Arrogant Mc
    October 24, 2013

    On Some Real Sh*t? Im Totaly Disgusted By The Whole GhettoGaggers Site. But What Makes Me Find Some Level Of Peace About It……Is Knowing That Even Though These White Bastards Are “Degrading” Our Women, They OBVIOUSLY Have A Massive Attraction and Sexual Attraction To Our Women. I Believe The Anger That They Portray Stems From A Deeply Hidden Admiration Turned Envy Of How Much More Beautiful, Sexy, And Overall Appealing Black Women Are Than White Women. Its Kinda Like The Whole “Well, If I Can’t HAVE It……Then I Will DESTROY It.” They Even Use The Word “Destroy”. I Guess To Make Themselves Feel Like They Just Put Some Work In With Their Little Red Peckers. Lmao. PLEASE. Its Also An Attempt To Tear Down The True Kings Of The Earth, BLACK MEN, By Using Our Most Prized Posessions, BLACK WOMEN. But I Got News For Them. Whatever “Black” Woman Has Ever Graced Your “Site”? Is Someone Who We Lost A Longtime Ago And Is NOT A “True” BLACK WOMAN.

    • Mccayde
      February 13, 2014

      Now that’s sueblt! Great to hear from you.

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    • Open
      February 13, 2014

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    November 21, 2013

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    • Nonato
      February 14, 2014

      We deltiinefy need more smart people like you around.

      • me
        August 17, 2014

        If you can’t tell that english is not their first language you’re the stupid one. So I assume you are fluent in chinese or some other language completely different from english? You stupid asshole fuck.

  • Cebram
    December 1, 2013

    Yes, the site is racist and it is wrong. Know that it is also racist to label all white people racist for horrible acts that have occured by people who simply are the same color as their ancestors. In reality, no matter how much you try to convince yourself, I don’t know my ancestors, I never will, and honestly I don’t give 2 shits because I live in the now, not the past. A person alive today had absolutely no role in the events that occured before their life, so why should they be responsible in collecting a debt of hate? Racism is a problem that is still prominant today not because of an individual race but because every race seems to hate another race for some bullshit that happened before our lifetime. When this happens people live a defensive, vendetta filled life that poisons our society until we kill ourselves. No matter how hard we wish for it, the world has no button that can clear our built up “hate debt” that we’ve collecting from our ancestors. Since we don’t have that option it’s up to us to understand that the only way to fight racism is through changing ourselves. Some people will never change, that’s their loss. It’s up to us to clear the hate and create our own clean slate so that the generation we raise will be debt free from hate. But remember, some of us will never change and that’s why racism will never die because no matter what, as humans, we are naturally ignorant. Those of us that do clean our slate and move on can hopefully someday be the majority of the world’s population and when that time comes we will no longer hate a race of people but we will show hate to racism itself. We will recognize that they didn’t have the courage to shake hands and bury the hatchet, instead they chose a life of hate while we chose friendship. Whether you believe in god or worship the soil of this earth, you know which option is the right one for our future and survival. I can hate actions and words with all my heart but with that same heart I will love that person because they are my brother or sister on this planet trying to survive just like me. Peace and love to all. – Cebram

    • CRMB
      April 8, 2014


  • RayRay
    December 1, 2013

    Haha check out the revelations about loving to see women degraded and abused. Y’all are some sick mofos. At the end of the day it’s just more women being abused and degraded, whether white , black Asian , Latina etc. I guess people need a nigger to trample one, someone to abuse. No wonder people have such fucked up views of intimacy and sexual love.

    With the high consumption of degrading porn, and the inability of some fellas to understand this is fantasy, that it is a show, this sick shit creeps into personal relationships and becomes harmful. I know enough women with boyfriends who are addicted to this shit and their love lives are miserable. Ladies if you find out your man gets a hard on watching chicks get beat up and “destroyed”, dump his sorry ass.

  • RayRay
    December 1, 2013

    Edit: Yeah I’m aware only some of you admitting to liking this shit but the defense of this crap is amaaaazzzing. And it’s not just black women, it’s white women, EveryWoman is a target for the purveyors of misogynistic porn.

    And spare me the shit that justifies this sickness simply cuz an actress got paid. People do shit for a whole load of fucked up reasons, that doesn’t meant it’s ok. Just cause someone got paid don’t mean the act is any less inhumane. Seriously we are fucked up in to society if we think a money transaction justifies everything. SMFH

    And hey good article Karen. We need more folk speaking out on this.

    • CRMB
      April 8, 2014

      Please read my comment cause it relates to what you said…

  • dionysuis
    December 28, 2013

    yeah its very wrong but it also wrong for all women yes us African American men and women would not like it because what our older generation went through that fact that the light skin black people have white in them maybe because of a rape to their great great whatever grandma(not saying that the only way or that the male in slave days didn’t get with a white woman) it makes us made but yet it a business they wanted to do and the woman of all races signed for. it bad for both ends. the bottom line them guys do not have respect for females at all or simply get much action from non so turn to porn . but is it much different to a white man doin it to it own race outside of porn or us black people doin it to our girls outside of porn . im friend with all races and they all treated their own race of girls the same way. im talking running trains gangbang on video the whole 9 it just cause a tension to interracial . I love my black woman as well as my Spanish and Asian and I like white girls I treat all the same

  • dionysuis
    December 28, 2013

    also you cant think these men who most likely don’t get woman to like them to treat theses woman respectily if they don’t care for them. come on how many time us men have sex with girls and do them deffiently them girls we realy like and care about. I do think something should be done ablout these site but it may not happen so don’t watch or buy it and hurt their pockets.

    • Andreas
      February 13, 2014

      6f7d791d79bd79c d793d791d7a8 d7a0d799d7aad79f d79cd79ed7a6d795d790 d7a6d793d793d799d79d d797d799d795d791d799d799d79d.d790d799d7a9d799d7aa, d79cd7a2d795d79cd79d d79cd790 d790d7a8d790d794 d791d796d790d791d799d79d d790d795 d791d7a6d791d790d799d79d d79ed7a9d794d795 d7a8d7a2 d7a9d7a6d7a8d799d79a d79cd794d793d791d799d7a8. d795d79cd795 d7a8d7a7 d79ed7a2d7a6d79d d794d7a2d795d791d793d794, d7a9d794d79d d7a9d799d799d79bd799d79d d79cd79bd79f. d794d79d d797d79cd7a7 d79ed794d790d799d796d795d79f d794d798d791d7a2d799 d7a9d79c d794d790d7a8d7a5 d794d796d795. d794d799d795 d79bd790d79f d794d7a8d791d794 d79cd7a4d7a0d799d7a0d795.d796d791d795d791 d794d797d799d799d79c d794d7a9d797d795d7a8 d790d799d7a0d795 d797d79cd7a7 d79ed79ed794 d7a9d794d799d790 d79bd790d79f.d794d795d790 d793d795d792d79ed794 d7a7d799d7a6d795d7a0d799d7aa d7a9d79c d79ed799d79f d7a4d795d79cd7a9.d796d79bd799d7aad799 d79cd7a8d790d795d7aa d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798d7a8d799d79d d7a9d794d7aad79ed795d793d793d795 d7a2d79d d7a4d79cd799d7a9d794. d794d7a8d799d79ed795d7aa d790d799d7a0d79f d79ed7a9d7aad79cd791d795d7aa. d794d79f d79ed7a9d7aad79cd798d795d7aa. d79ed7a4d7a8d799d7a9d795d7aa d797d795d79ed7a6d794 d7a8d7a2d799d79cd794. d79ed79bd797d799d793d795d7aa d79bd79ed7a2d798 d79bd79c d7a6d795d7a8d7aa d797d799d799d79d d790d797d7a8d7aa. d791d7aad795d7a8 d794d7aad797d79cd794, d790d7aa d7aad795d79cd7a2d799 d794d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798 (eisenia fetida). d794d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798 d799d795d7a6d790 d799d7a8d795d793 d791d790d799d79bd795d7aad795. d795d79ed795d7a4d797d7aa d791d79bd79ed795d7aad795.d7a2d7a8d799d79ed7aa d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798 d792d793d795d79cd794 d799d79bd795d79cd794 d79cd794d7aad79ed795d793d793 d7a2d79d d794d79ed7aad7a7d7a4d794. d791d79ed799d793d794 d795d794d7aad794d79cd799d79a d794d7aad7a8d79ed795d7a4d799d79cd799 d79ed7a6d79cd799d797 d79cd794d7a4d799d7a7 d797d795d79d d7a9d79c 60-70 d79ed7a2d79cd795d7aa. d79cd7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798d7a8 d791d799d7aad799 d790d799d79f d7a1d799d79bd795d799 d79cd794d792d799d7a2 d79cd798d79ed7a4d7a8d798d795d7a8d795d7aa d794d790d79cd795.d79ed796d79bd799d7a8 d79cd7a2d7a6d79ed7a0d795, d79ed794 d794d799d799d7aad794 d794d79ed798d7a8d794 d794d79ed7a7d795d7a8d799d7aa d7a9d79c d794d7a0d799d7a1d799d795d79f d79cd799d799d7a6d7a8 d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798. d79cd79ed7a9d79c, d79cd794d797d796d799d7a8 d79cd790d793d79ed794 d790d7aa d794d797d795d79ed7a8d799d79d d7a9d794d795d7a6d790d795 d79ed7aad795d79bd794. d7a8d7a6d795d799, d794d797d796d799d7a8 d790d79cd799d794 d797d795d79ed7a8d799d79d d791d790d799d79bd795d7aa d792d791d795d794d794 d799d795d7aad7a8 d79ed7a9d794d795d7a6d790d795 d79ed79ed7a0d794. d79cd790 d791d798d795d797 d7a9d79ed799d79bd79c d79cd794d7a4d7a7d7aa d7a8d799d79ed795d7aa d79ed7a9d7a8d7aa d790d7aa d7a2d7a6d79d d799d799d7a2d795d793d795 d7a9d79c d794d7a7d795d79ed7a4d795d7a1d798d7a8.d799d7a9 d7a0d797d79ed794 d79ed7a1d795d799d79ed7aa d791d7a2d795d791d793d794, d7a9d7a0d799d7aad79f d79cd7a2d7a9d795d7aa d7a9d799d79ed795d7a9 d797d799d795d791d799 d79bd79cd7a9d794d795 d791d7a8d799d79ed795d7aa.d79ed79bd790d79f d795d7a2d793 d79cd7a2d795d793d793 d7a8d799d791d795d799 d79cd790 d798d791d7a2d799 d7a9d79c d7a8d799d79ed795d7aa d79cd7a6d795d7a8d79bd799 d794d790d79bd79cd7aa d7aad7a8d7a0d792d795d79cd795d7aa 21

  • evagas
    January 19, 2014

    Bunch of whiney black dudes on here crying. Black women don’t bring shame on your race. You black men do. Shooting each other like dogs in the street over Air Jordans…Pimping your black women in the streets..Shut your fucking big mouths…losers

    • Franklin
      March 28, 2014

      I can say the same thing about the legions of pathetic loser white men who shoot and stab each other over Mayo and Meth. And pimp out their young children, not for money, but for their own sexual gratification.

  • Harry
    February 6, 2014

    Most of you clearly have NO knowledgde of the porn industry. Come visit Amsterdam I’ll show you how normal this kind of porn has become… Funny thing is black men are the WORST in porn industry. Raping, humiliating, slapping, etc. is definately not the only one. I AM BLACK TOO so you Afro Americans stop being so hyprocrite and make sure you have the right information before becoming all racist. And believe me I’m TOTALLY against these types of porn. Just saying…

    • Franklin
      March 28, 2014

      I just LOVE the sound of a “Try Hard” White Liar in the morning. Because this is the internet and if it calls for it, you’ll admit to being a blind, gay, quadriplegic, Albino, Native American, Midget.

      Anything to be an apologist.

    • leonard
      March 29, 2015

      harry i’m sick of devil crackers on the internet pretending to be black you’r not fooling most of us we can smell you’r evil wicket spiritual foul odor even across the internet.

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