The Best of Buzz: Animals and Earth [At Its Best]

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The Best of Buzz: Animals and Earth [At Its Best]

Buzz Feed is the freshest site out for your daily digital fun.  For a fun Friday, we compiled a few of the most extraordinary finds about the most fascinating things to the human mind: animals and Earth.  Check out a quick intro to the pieces before checking them out, and let us know which you found the most entertaining.  Oh, the joys of the wonders of the world!


5 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Happened to Be Animals

The most dangerous animal on earth is man — nothing you read in this article will change that. Animals kill for food and territory, and out of fear, but it takes a man to kill repeatedly, just for the fun of it.  Well … usually. As we have previously shown, the animal kingdom has its fair share of diabolical serial killers. Like …

25 Incredibly Lucky Photographs Of Animals

Some of these are incredibly skillful and well-planned; others are just one-in-a-million shots. But they all have a right-place-at-the-right-time thing going for them

Meet the world’s smallest puppy, Beyonce

This little pup you see above, hardly larger than a few quarters, was lovingly named Beyonce by Beth DiCaprio, the lady who saved her life.

Dog Goes Berserk Over Monkey On TV…

My sisters dog has an issue with animals on TV. He thinks that they are in the room

7 Animals That Are One Flaw Away From Taking Over the World

The fascinating thing about evolution is how it finds infinite ways for creatures to be badass. Some can rip every other species in their area to shreds, some are masters of camouflage, some just breed so fast you can’t eat them all. But equally amazing is how creatures find a way to survive and thrive even with laughable and obvious design defects



33 Stunning Photos Of Our Amazing Planet Earth Taken By A Guy In Space

Whoa. These weren’t taken by a billion dollar satellite, just a dude and his Nikon. Turns out Dutch astronaut and physician Andre Kuipers, currently doing research on the International Space Station, is quite the interstellar shutterbug. All of the captions and photos (save the last) are his. Some of these don’t even look real

Gorgeous Non-Photoshopped Shots of Earth’s Sky


Planet Earth: Just the Sex

It’s a new DVD Extra from Jest! SFW because it’s scientific, gross because it’s sex, and hilarious because it’s finally all been put together in one place

What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn

What the rings would look like from different cities and latitudes across the world. It’s interesting to imagine how it would effect culture throughout time. It would have influenced religion, mythology, navigation, and countless other aspects of human history

Seven Of The Strangest Places On Earth

Bored with winter? Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Seven wonders of the world not hip enough for you? Well, look no further than “Hell’s Door” in Turkmenistan! All the resort amenities of a fiery pit into the depths of the earth, in the middle of a desert, that you could possibly want! Not for you? Perhaps maybe one of these other wacky places will work (I heard Hell’s Door wasn’t all inclusive anyway).


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