Taye Diggs Tackles Children’s Books Once Again

Taye Diggs Tackles Children’s Books Once Again

Taye Diggs is back at it once again with his new book “Mixed Me”. The book analyzes acceptance as a biracial child for his son and other mixed race children in America.

“Mixed Me” is a fun children’s book that documents the experience of a bi-racial child in today’ society. This is not Diggs’ first time writing a book for children of color, in 2011, Digg’s wrote “Chocolate Me” which chronicled the adventures of a chocolate complected boy. Both of these books reflect a culture that Digg’s felt like wasn’t represented when he was a young reader.

“I wrote it from my childhood, because I didn’t have anything like this to refer to when I was a kid,” Diggs shared during a Today Show interview. “Luckily, a lot of the kids today are in classes and schools that are a little bit more diverse. But that doesn’t mean that these issues don’t need to be looked at and acknowledged.”

His passion for educating others and encouraging young black children via children’s book is phenomenal.


-Ka’Lyn T. Banks

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