Style Profile: Yara Shahidi

Style Profile: Yara Shahidi

When we’re talking about women of the next generation who are leading the way and shattering glass ceilings on their way, at the forefront of that conversation should be Yara Shahidi. An actress and an activist, we’ve watched how Yara and her on-screen character Zoey have revolutionized the way young women are portrayed, both on-camera and on the red carpet. 


There’s a lot to unpack with the magic that Yara Shahidi and stylist Jason Bolden have created, but no worries, Civilians! I’ve broken it down into 3 main categories.


Romantic and Whimsical


Yara’s ability to achieve romanticism while remaining youthful is truly a magic trick. She is forever age-appropriate but manages to do so with a clear understanding of her progression into womanhood. She’s definitely not afraid of color or print, and loves whimsical and dramatic detail, like an extreme puff sleeve or a ruched rose.



Get the Look: 

The Dolls House Fashion Evangeline Dress in Rose Silk – $627.00

Vici Dolls Stay True Floral Crochet Lace Belted Dress – $108.00

MissGuided: green leopard button midi tea dress – $24


Sporty Chic


Somebody call Mooski, because when it comes to elevating a tracksuit and making it appropriate for all different occasions, Yara Shahidi is running circles around the girls. From Adidas to Ivy Park to Gucci, Yara is known for taking your typical athleisure look and elevating it to sporty chic. It’s perfect if you’re a more casual Civilian, who enjoys looking good, but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for pomp and circumstance.



Get the Look:

Thankfully, this style is both affordable and easy to recreate! If you can’t get your hands on the Adidas  x Ivy Park collection from Drop 2, try a matching tracksuit in a classic style and a bold hue like a bright blue or deep burgundy. You can also try neutral tones like creams or browns, which are a trending aesthetic. Look for more structured silhouettes and long, wide legs, this will help with making your tracksuit look less casual. You can also mix-and-match tracksuit pieces with traditional clothing or other athleisure pieces to achieve a sporty chic look!




Young and Fresh

Of course, when you’re 21 years old, it’s pretty easy to get the young and fresh look down, but you can achieve the same look, Civilian! The trick? Denim. Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics used in fashion, but it doesn’t always. get its respect for being so. Contrary to popular belief, denim isn’t just for baseball games or Ladies Night at the bar, it can be dressed up and worn for anything from a pitch meeting to a swanky dinner. I mean, if Britney could wear denim to the American Music Awards, you can make it work for whatever occasion you need it to. It’s all about the cut and style. 


Yara leans into denim in unique silhouettes and unexpected styles, which transforms everyday denim into a texture that is truly effortlessly fabulous. Be like Yara. Lean in!



Get the Look:

Broken Land Cody Pleated Pants – Dark Blue Hue – $289.00

Nichole Lynel Preppy Girl | Denim Skirt – $58.75

Nichole Lynel Mood 4 EVA | Bustier Top – $58.00

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