Style Profile: Vice President Kamala Harris

Style Profile: Vice President Kamala Harris

Becoming the first woman and first minority person to hold the position of Vice President of the United States isn’t the only revolutionary thing about Kamala Harris. As if changing the cultural and racial profile of the Oval Office isn’t enough, VP Harris is drastically reshaping America’s idea of what a woman in power looks like, and how she shows up in the boardroom. And Civilians, I am here for it. 


When it comes to her presidential polish, VP Kamala Harris’ style profile can be categorized into 3 main categories: Business Casual, Monochromatic and Traditional Powerhouse. Let’s break down all 3, and see how you can achieve a VP-worthy look with your own wardrobe. And don’t worry, we won’t address *that* magazine cover.


Photo via Elle Magazine


Business Casual

No one does Business Casual quite like our VP, and no one does it as literally, either. She’s no stranger to mixing casual pieces with office-worthy threads. Her go-to? A neutral-toned blazer, a solid, loose-fitting blouse or t-shirt, dark-wash denim and a pair of low-top Converse sneakers. VP Harris definitely isn’t afraid to show us her more casual side, which shows that she’s “of the people,” a refreshing approach to her position of power. This look is perfect if going for the unconventional boss, the Civilian working in a more relaxed office environment, or for a Casual Friday look. 


Get the look: Start with a dark base or bottom— a pair of black jeans work perfectly! Go with a simple black or neutral-toned blouse (a white button-up would also work!) and add an over-sized blazer on top in the same color family. Throw on your favorite pair of Chuck Taylor’s or a comfy pair of slip-on sneakers and go! 
















From all-white to accept the nomination, to all-purple at the Inauguration, VP Harris has proven time and time again, there is nothing boring about sticking to one color. Especially when using a monochromatic look to make a bold statement. Vice President Kamala Harris has, time and again, chosen simple, but powerful colors that stand for the unity she seeks to help create in our country. From Suffragette White, to Royalty Purple, the perfect blend of red and blue, our Woman of the Week sure knows how to make a splash with her color choices.


Get the look: There’s a psychology behind both fashion and colors, when it comes to politics and marketing. Each color has it’s own meaning. Choose a color that reflects the emotion you’re trying to evoke, and will help you make a statement before you even open your mouth! Red, black, purple and red are strong colors that will definitely turn heads, but you can also make a statement with neutrals like white or tan. Extra points if you pull this off with outerwear.



Traditional Powerhouse

That’s Madam Vice President, to you. You can skip the frills when it comes to this last category of her style— she’s all about the traditional powerhouse suit. Whether a pantsuit or skirt, Madam VP sticks to classic colors like black, white, navy blue and gray, or traditional fabrics like tweed. There typically isn’t anything unique about the detail or cut of the suit, once again proving that when it comes to dressing for the job, it’s always best to let your outfit be an accent, and not the main event. 


Beneath her suit jacket, Madam VP loves a good pussy-bow blouse. The pussy-bow blouse was also a favorite of Margaret Thatcher, who wore the style to show she could hang with the boys, while holding an office typically held by a man, with predominately male co-workers. Sometimes, you have to level the playing field and meet them where they’re at to show them that, just because you’re not one of them doesn’t mean you won’t do the job better. 


Get the look: Go full-on powerhouse with a tailored straight leg trouser, a structured blazer and a blouse (pussy-bow, preferred). Don’t forget to save the frills, pastel colors and cropped jackets for another day, Civilian. Today, we mean business. A black, pointed-toe pump will elongate the leg, making you appear taller, leaner and like the boss you are!



BONUS: While we broke down the 3 main categories of Vice President Kamala Harris’ powerful style, our VP is known to rock all 3 elements at once: A monochromatic power suit in a traditional, neutral color with a pair of Converse’s or slip-ons. At the same damn time! She isn’t afraid to take risks or make bold choices that go against America’s idea of how women in Politics, or in any field, should dress.


If that isn’t a reminder to show up, be you and let your work speak for itself, Civilian… I don’t know what is!



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