Student Spends Thousands to Adopt Stray Dog That Rescued Her

Student Spends Thousands to Adopt Stray Dog That Rescued Her

Georgia Bradley witnessed firsthand what people mean when they say, “Dog is man’s best friend.”

The 25 year old college student was vacationing on a Crete, Greece beach. Two men took it personal when they offered to take Georgia out for drinks and got rejected. Once they began to get physical with her, she was surprised by a stray dog who began barking uncontrollably at the aggressors. Clearly, they didn’t want to pick a fight with the wrong pooch and left.

A bond formed that proved to turn unbreakable because the college  student couldn’t get the protective companion out of her head when she returned home in the UK. So much so, she made it her mission to go back to the island and find her new friend she named “Pepper.” Thousands of dollars and several 6,000 mile trips back and forth, later led to Georgia finding Pepper on the beach.

Gerogia felt it was only right to take care of the dog’s health since it’s been a stray to bring her home. Pepper wasn’t finished with the surprises, however, when she eventually gave birth to puppies of her own.

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  • owen
    August 26, 2015

    That lady is a jewel…what a memorable gesture she made.. it is heart waming to see someone so appreciative…..bless you young lady

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