Soccer Star Brandi Chastain To Donate Her Brain To Concussion Research

Soccer Star Brandi Chastain To Donate Her Brain To Concussion Research

Soccer star Brandi Chastain has agreed to donate her brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation once she eventually passes away.

Not that she anticipates on dying anytime soon, though when she does, Brandi said she’s committed to lending a helping hand to concussion research.

Chastain, who claims she’s sustained numerous concussions throughout her career, believe her concussions have caused her memory loss and depression. In addition to the common symptoms of severe concussions Chastain also says that she suspects she has some sort of degenerative brain issue, though she has not been diagnosed by a physician.

Brandi says she wants doctors in the future to be able to use her brain a reference tool for research, hopefully finding solutions on how to further prevent/treat concussion related injuries.

“I would love for them to be able to dissect what happened in my brain, kind of like a tree when you cut it in half,” she said in an interview with the Boston Globe, “You look at the circles and you know its age and you know more about what happened from there. What is going on from 8 to 11 years old, or 11 to 14, or 15 to 20, or beyond? Then, maybe there could be more evaluation about a certain period in a young athlete’s life. Maybe we can be more aware of what happens or what not to allow to happen.”

Only 779 other people have donated their brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, with only 20 percent of those being women. Monumental moment for Brandi and future concussion research.

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