‘Somebody That I Used To Know’: 3 ReInventions; Choreo, Video, and Rita Ora

‘Somebody That I Used To Know’: 3 ReInventions; Choreo, Video, and Rita Ora

Gotye and Kimbre‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know” has skyrocketed.  As an already triumphant record and video, you’d wonder how anyone attempting to recreate it could top it.  Well, your question has been answered.

First, check out the dope choreography by Anthony Lee that I wish was somehow incorporated into the video.  I mean, Gotye’s nonchalant approach was cool and all, but if I could see him bending and popping like this along with it, I may just have prized him over Adele. MAY HAVE. But, of course, he didn’t. And so, we’re here…

Second in running is the recreation of the video. But… in muppet form, of course.  We all grew up on Sesame Street, right?  What’s a greater honor that having a Sesame Street wannabe sing and dance with muppets that look exactly like you? Exactly! Nothing.  Appreciation is due to @Faustinathefuzz and @marijaivkovic. It gets no better than this…

Lastly, the only thing left to tackle is the sound.  And the newest addition to Roc Nation did just that. Rita Ora recreated a version of “Somebody that I Used To Know” adding some elements of soul and folk, leaving us with a brand new revamped and reinvented imaginary conglomeration of Gotye.  Really, try to stick these three examples together, and this song is a worldwide phenomenon. Like, bigger than it already is! Not possible? Nothing’s impossible!

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