Solange Is Curating a Performative Art Series at the Getty Center Museum

Solange Is Curating a Performative Art Series at the Getty Center Museum

Artist Solange Knowles shares that she is partnering with IAMSOUND and Dropbox in her latest installment for Getty Museum.  This artistic showcase “Bridge-es”will be a series of films, performances, and talks based around the concept of “transitions through time.”

Solange explained the purpose behind this original music score, ““‘Bridge-s’ is a reflection on how much transition can be controlled and accelerated by our own ideas, thoughts, and movements vs. the natural process of time and space. The works chosen to respond to these ideas are dear to me, and by artists, musicians, philosophers and filmmakers I have an immense amount of respect for.”


Other works also will include a unique new piece by American artists Gerard & Kelly, who used the architectural structure of the Getty Center to inform their choreography. Several screenings will also be shown during the exhibition, including Mother Tongue, Mother Master, 2018 by Phoebe Collings-James, Wild Seed by Samuel Hindolo, Black to Techno by Jenn Nkiru, The State of Things by Kish Robinson and more. Meanwhile, British-Ghanaian philosopher Kodwo Eshun is set to be the featured subject during the artist talk.

The screening will take place over two days, November 16th and 17th 11am-5pm and  is free to the public. Visit Getty’s website for a full list of exhibits and more information.

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