A Simple Guide To Celebrating Valentine’s Day While Single

First off, let’s clear something up. Being single on Valentine’s Day is no longer considered a bad thing. It’s not just a day for couples anymore. In fact, it encompasses a celebration of all types of love. You can celebrate you just as much as those who celebrate each other.


While we assure you that you can be perfectly happy and complete single let’s also be realistic. Valentine’s Day will remind you of the love you don’t have… yet. From the nonstop gift ideas on tv to the endless aisles of teddy bears and chocolate when you just want to buy bread. The essence of the day can’t be forgotten. But don’t allow the hype of good marketing to make you self-loathe in not having found your person.


Visualize it as a day to over-indulge in self-love. We all know if you are not happy alone, you’ll never be happy with another person. It’s never easy to face your inner self. But one thing you do not want in your future relationship is the emotional toil of trying to understand why you are triggered by your partner’s habits.


So now that we’ve gotten a little tough love out of the way, let’s dive into your simple guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day while single, shall we! Feel free to do all these things, one of them or use the guide as inspiration to create your own tradition. No matter what you choose, do what resonates with you the most and helps you stay in good spirits.


With us ladies being so multi-faceted in the things we enjoy, this guide includes activities for the most social to the most introverted in no particular order.



Valentines Day Guide for Singles


Plan A Weekend Trip or A Staycation


Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year so it would be a perfect reason to get away for the weekend. Get your coins together and book a room at a fancy hotel or a stay in a nice Airbnb other than your own home to unwind by yourself or with some close friends.


Think outside the box for this one so you can really enjoy it. Get a high rise in the city, a treehouse in the sticks, or stay on a yacht for the weekend. Click here to see what all Airbnb has to offer for your unique weekend of self-love wherever you want to spend it. You even have the option to book virtual experiences. You can train with an Olympian, propagate plants with an expert, or tour Paris virtually!


Make A Reservation for One


You know that fancy restaurant you’ve been waiting to go to with someone special, well this would be the day to do it! Get your hair and nails done, wear your best dress, and eat the most expensive thing you can afford on the menu.


You can also turn this into a girl’s night if you prefer to go with friends. Check ahead for reservations as many restaurants are following covid occupancy guidelines and may book fast.


Do A Social Media Detox


People who are completely confident in being single can be a little shaken when they see their friends with physical evidence of admiration. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are a killjoy for having human feelings about being alone. It is normal.


Get off social media for the day if you run the chance of going down the pigeonhole of crying while eating ice cream and stalking your ex’s Instagram page. Girl, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life. You’re doing so good.


Have A Spa Day


If a fancy restaurant isn’t quite your thing and you prefer to relax, book a spa day in advance.


Please, get the works! Facials, hot rocks, mani/pedis, and a glass of wine will for sure be a great distraction from all the lovey-dovey shenanigans this day forces people into. Whether they mean it or not.


Bake or Do Crafts


If you like to get your creative juices flowing you can bake your favorite cake, get your paintbrush and easel out or grab the glue and glitter for a day of crafts. Whatever you prefer, do something you love that will help you appreciate yourself in an expressive way.



Buy Yourself Some Flowers


If you’re a flowers kind of girl, get the biggest bouquet your local flower service has and send it to yourself for Valentine’s. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. In fact, if you have it sent to your job on your last workday of Valentine’s week, you could give one flower to all the ladies in the office to put a smile on their faces as well. Spread the love sis!


And don’t stop at flowers, step outside the box and send yourself anything you’d like to get on this special day. You deserve it.




Being reminded that you are single on Valentine’s Day is not the worst thing to be going through. There are children in orphanages and seniors in homes who live this reality vividly every day. Give your time to someone else this year.


It will not only warm your heart, but your selflessness will give someone else hope. Check with local organizations to see how you can be of service to those in need.


Write It Out


If you just aren’t feeling the day no matter what alternatives you consider, you may want to try writing. Your emotions about being alone are valid. If you also haven’t had a chance to really express yourself or get some past hurts off your chest, it’s ok to put exactly how you feel into words.


Never underestimate the cleanse of a good cry. You can write it all out, grab a glass of wine, a lighter and (safely) watch it all burn. This too can still be a celebration of loving yourself and be very emotionally satisfying.


Shop Valentine’s Day Deals


A little retail therapy never hurt anybody and with all the sales going on, why not use them as an excuse to buy a new fit right? Make yourself a budget, go to your favorite store (don’t forget your mask) and live it up. Valentine’s Day sales are everywhere. Looks like it’s time for that tennis bracelet you’ve been wanting.


Date Your Bestie


If you have a friend who is single as well, get together and celebrate Valentine’s Day with each other. Do what besties do and make it a day. You can buy each other gifts, go out to eat or party at home. Whatever it takes to keep your spirits high. Which can include some spirits if you catch the drift!



Do A Virtual Galentine’s Day


Avoiding gatherings during covid is understandable. Try planning a virtual Galentine’s Day with friends. You can compile a singles playlist, put your freakum dress on, everyone BYOB, and party the night away in the comfort of your home.


This would be another opportunity to send each other gifts and open them together. You can appreciate one another on this day of love. Check out this Galentines Day Gift Guide For Your Besties for some ideas!


Celebrate Single Awareness Day


It’s an official day and it’s on February 15th. So skip right past Valentine’s Day and dedicate yourself to loving your singleness instead. Make it just as grand as the day before it. Go all out and love on yourself hard! Pour out a little something for the ones who didn’t make the cut to being the love of your life, thank God they didn’t, and be ecstatic about the person you are today!


Do Some Soul Searching


Now we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t include a little mental health awareness in this guide. If you still aren’t feeling it, dig deep and figure out why. Whether you go for a long drive or a morning hike, do something that stimulates your mind and makes you think.


Explore those feelings you’ve been avoiding and create a plan on how to deal with them. Therapy is being normalized and there are tons of affordable alternatives if you need it. One thing Valentine’s Day needs to stop being is a catalyst to make people internalize their singleness. There are a lot of people in relationships that are miserable behind closed doors. It’s usually covered up by over-the-top celebrations of love for everyone to see.


Be thankful you don’t have that stress in your life. Remember, this is not a day to feel sad because true love begins with you. Don’t let the traditions of this one day make you feel less than. Keep your head held high and continue to do things the only way we know-how, the civil way.


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