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7 Signs To Identify A Toxic Friend

If you have a friend that no matter what you do things are never quite right with them, then you may be in a toxic friendship. You know the friends you dread telling your wins to? The ones who are envious, jealous, and/or make stank comments about your accomplishments? You can’t tell them you got a new man, bought a new car, or got your dream job? Those are the ones you need to learn how to let go of because sis, they ain’t it.


You may think breaking up is just for relationships with a significant other but there also comes a time when we have to part ways with friends too. If you need a little more help identifying this person in your life, here are seven signs of a toxic friendship and how to let it go.


They Always Takeover The Conversation


It’s ok to allow each other a chance to vent. As a matter of fact, it’s a quality in a healthy friendship. But if you have a friend who doesn’t give you a chance to speak and cuts you off to talk about themselves then they don’t understand that friendship is a two-way street. They make that clear if when you aren’t speaking they don’t pay attention.


A toxic friend is very self-focused. If you know everything about them but they know nothing about you, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.


You Do Things You Normally Wouldn’t Around Them


If you find yourself engaging in negative behaviors they influenced you to do then they don’t respect you as a real friend should. Many times, they do this because they want to feel like they aren’t alone in bad behavior. If they view you like “you think you are perfect,” it makes them feel better to be able to say you did something wrong too, let them go.


You should not feel pressured around real friends to do anything you don’t want to do. And a real friend already knows and would never ask you to in the first place.


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You Don’t Get Excited About Being Around Them


If you take a deep sigh when they want to come over, that’s a huge sign that they are toxic. If you dodge calls and texts or reschedule get-togethers this is definitely a relationship you need to cut off. Lastly, if you keep the “friend” around due to guilt, this isn’t healthy.


They Make You Feel Guilty For Hanging Out With Others


They are definitely toxic if they make you feel bad for hanging around other people. If you have to hide the fact that you were spending time with another friend, they deserve a side-eye. You do not have to endure their insults and disrespect because you have other friends. They aren’t worth it.


You Don’t Feel Like You Can Trust Them


If they talk about others to you, believe that they talk about you to others. You may have even heard people say they were talking about you. A true friend wouldn’t even allow this to be a thought in your mind. Friends tell you their secrets too and if they aren’t doing this, they are just gathering information against you.


They Criticize You


They are always telling you things like, “you need to wear makeup” when everyone else compliments your natural beauty. The only thing you need to do is stand up for yourself. We all have flaws true enough but a person who belittles you or makes you feel insecure is not a friend.


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They Drain The Life Out of You


Vampires may not be real, but energy vampires are a thing. They are the ones you don’t feel emotionally fulfilled around. It’s more like the life has been sucked out of you. They bring too much drama and are too much work. I’m telling you, don’t walk, run away from people like this.


Letting go of friends may not be something we are used to but it is something we should learn to do. You may feel obligated to hang on to certain people even though you don’t like being around them because you’ve known each other forever. Times have changed. If they don’t add to your peace, know that they never will.


If you need some more clarity about that toxic friend, check out this article on what else to look for and how to handle one.


Toxic people usually never face themselves. If you can’t persuade them to seek help then it’s time to find a civil way, to cut them loose.


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