Sextrology: Heat Up The Bedroom Using Your Eros Sign

Sextrology: Heat Up The Bedroom Using Your Eros Sign

The astrological placements in your Natal Chart can be used as a cheat code for so many things, including spicing things up in the bedroom. Your Zodiac Sign alone does not provide a full picture of who you are sexually. It’s a combination of a few things including your Mars Sign and 5th House but, I want to help you understand an asteroid today called Eros.


Have you ever wondered why you can’t get enough of a certain person?


There is a magnetism that leaves you thinking about this person long after your encounter, even if they’re not good for you. It could be that your Eros signs are compatible. Eros is the asteroid in our Natal Charts that pulls the covers back on our most erotic desires. Those turn-ons you might be too nervous to share, your search history on those sites, your Eros tells it all.




Per usual, I advise you to not only look up your Eros sign but, if you are partnered, be sure to look up theirs as well. Having this information helps you to understand and articulate your sexual needs while learning about the person you’re intimate with. When two people are tapped into their Eros, it makes for explosive bedroom sessions that leave you yearning for more.


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Eros In The Signs:


EROS IN ARIES: This person loves to pursue their prey. The chase turns them on but, they must be with someone who keeps a passionate flame lit. Otherwise, they will become bored and seek sexual excitement elsewhere. It’s important for folks with this placement to be with someone who can hold their attention sexually beyond surface-level infatuation. There is nothing too wild that they won’t try in the bedroom to keep the spark alive. 


EROS IN TAURUS: Taurus energy here can be possessive about their lover and that shows up between the sheets. They will do what they must to keep you satisfied, partly because they are naturally sensual people, but also so that you only need them. They prefer monogamy in most cases, so if they decided you are what they desire, they can become primal and easily jealous although they don’t show it. Well, other than pleasing you so well that you won’t want anyone else.


EROS IN GEMINI: You’re a dirty talker! Gemini rules communication and you desire lots of it during intimate acts. You must be mentally stimulated and foreplay is non-negotiable. You’re instantly turned off by someone who doesn’t appear to know what they’re doing. On the flip slide, you’re extremely curious and are down for learning new things if your partner can make it make sense,


EROS IN CANCER: Cancer in this placement makes for an extremely intuitive lover who can fulfill their partner’s sexual needs without them saying a word. They are so in tune with their partner’s mind, body, and spirit that they do what they feel necessary to nurture their person’s sexual appetite. It is rare that they will have sex with someone they don’t feel they’re in love with. Therefore, once they have decided to be with this person, they become a caregiver, especially in the bedroom.


EROS IN LEO: Surprise! Surprise! Leo energy here wants to be worshipped in the bedroom. They require an abundance of passion and being told how good they make you feel. They want to hear all the compliments. You never have to worry if you’re being too thirsty around them because, they are turned on by you wanting to remain in their presence. This is interesting because at the same time, if they feel caged, they’ll find another romantic partnership elsewhere that doesn’t make them feel trapped. This is a tricky Eros placement, so I advise you to proceed with caution.


EROS IN VIRGO: This placement takes a very cerebral approach to sex. It is rare that they will be intimate with someone who isn’t good for them. They don’t lead with sexual tension, they will think things through. An Eros in Virgo will weigh the pros and cons on the effects that this person can potentially have on their overall lives and energy.


EROS IN LIBRA: This person can be romanced into the sheets. They are turned on by all of the trappings of a romantic love story where they are given lots of attention, receiving gifts, attending fabulous dates, receiving love letters, etc. They also want someone that makes them look good – a little arm candy never hurt nobody!


EROS IN SCORPIO: Like Eros in Taurus, Scorpio energy here speaks to a sexual experience that is equally as spiritual as it is sensual – jealously as well. This person is attracted to illicit affairs as they love to do sexual dirt in the dark. It’s such a turn on for them. They enjoy mysterious partners who others feel are hard to figure out.


EROS IN SAGITTARIUS: You require freedom to explore sexually but, most of all, you require a fun time, Sagittarius in this position wants someone who will explore and who doesn’t have any hard sexual boundaries. This person needs a partner who can keep up because sex is a sport for them,


EROS IN CAPRICORN: Your biggest sexual turn-on is someone who has their career and finances together. No broke sex or struggle love for you, ok? If this person can help you to get ahead in life or provides a level of security that you desire, you are devoted to them in many ways – especially sexually. If they’ve got money and power, you’re in there!


EROS IN AQUARIUS: You desire someone who will take you outside the box. If you find that you’re Vanilla in the bedroom, it’s because you haven’t met your sexual match who will encourage you to explore uncharted territories. Most of us have a story of someone who took us out of our comfort zone and we haven’t been the same since. You need that regularly, and you reach this expectation for your partner if you feel safe enough to show your true sexual nature.


EROS IN PISCES: You’re notorious for falling into entanglements with people you think need you to breathe. That sounds dramatic but, it’s the truth. There is typically something within them that you believe needs healing. You will then try to “fix” that wound with your spiritual sexual powers. Beware of choosing people who are already in a relationship or do not have the emotional capacity to meet your needs because you just love them so much although it’s not reciprocated.


Are You Ready To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom Using Your Eros Sign?

What Have You Learned About You And Your Partner Now That You Know Your Eros Placement?

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