Serial Entrepreneur Mother Tere Tatiana Discusses Virtual Trucking Company & Adult Day Care Facility

Serial Entrepreneur Mother Tere Tatiana Discusses Virtual Trucking Company & Adult Day Care Facility

Born as Tereion Henry in Atlanta, GA and raised in Statesboro, GA, serial entrepreneur and social media influencer by the name of Tere Tatiana, tapped in with us to give a glimpse into her world of entrepreneurship. Tere makes it clear that you don’t have to be labeled as one thing and it is possible to have multiple successful businesses at once while doing what it is that you love.

As a Government Contractor in Afghanistan and single mother, Tere was lucky enough to make it back to her loved ones for vacation before travel restrictions were put in place due to COVID. The world-wide shut down sparked Tere to go full force within her businesses such as her trucking company Labeled Blu Transportation, trucking class and adult day care facility for the elderly and mentally challenged.

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Tere purchased her first truck in 2013, a 1995 Freightliner purchased for $5,000. The guy that sold the truck to her got over on her and eventually went to jail. Luckily, Tere got back in line by learning the in’s and out’s of trucking. Having a truck stolen, tires stolen, Tere would not change her experience for the world for other entrepreneurs that would want to get into the game. Once Tere finishes her trucking course, she plans on opening another course for how to open up special facilities.

Another successful business of Tere’s, Southern Hospitality Adult Day Care Facility, a medical facility where seniors as well as the mentally challenged are able to go if they want to get out of the house for the day. With an on-site nurse there to take vitals, many of them love bingo, planting and riding around. Tere and her mom have been putting the facility together since 2015, while these type of facilities are in high demand, the two have been able to finalize everything last year.

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ARIEL: What would you say to those that aren’t involved in entrepreneurship, whether they want to be involved or don’t want to be involved?

TERE: Especially now, in this day in age, entrepreneurship is being forced. Everybody doesn’t want the responsibility of money rolling in, some people like the security of a job, and that’s totally ok because at the end of day all of those roles are mutually important. 

ARIEL: Any last tips or do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs and business owners during a pandemic, especially tips to increase their income during a pandemic? 

TERE: Pay attention to social media, but understand that building your brand solely on social media is not necessarily a full proof plan, one day you can wake up and your millions of followers are gone. So you need to build a foundation and presence for your business to be fluid outside of social media.  

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