Rome Flynn Talks Music Career With New Single and How To Get Away With Murder’s Series Finale

Rome Flynn Talks Music Career With New Single and How To Get Away With Murder’s Series Finale

You probably recognize Rome Flynn from his role in How to Get Away With Murder, but the actor- turned- singer also just released some new music!

Tonight is the series finale of “HTGAWM,” which is coming to an end after six seasons. Flynn plays the character “Gabriele Maddox” who is a law student taught by Annalise Keating who is played by Viola Davis.

Flynn spoke with content contributor Cheyenne Corin about the ABC Emmy Winning Show and his latest song from his forthcoming EP, “Keep Me in Mind.”

What are your emotions with How to Get Away With Murder ending tonight?

I’m not sure. I won’t know until I start watching because once you start tonight, you’ll feel every second that you won’t get back. It’s the last time you’ll hear the intro and see a lot of characters… mine included. I haven’t seen it yet, I’m going to try to watch it with the east coast.

Why haven’t you watched the episode yet?

I wanted to watch it with the fans because it’s such a special opportunity to experience it with them. Usually I’m so ahead of viewers because of filming but now we’re not, so I wanted to take this chance to feel it with them.

How did it feel to work with someone like Viola Davis?

It’s a dream come true. Not just to work with the best, but the best in my demographic. Viola is a huge representation for women across the world so just being around her, I would have done that for free. The stuff that I’ve learned, I wouldn’t have been able to do anywhere else.

So you act, you’re a musician, model, and were an athlete. Is there any talent you enjoy doing more than the other?

I think each of them have their own kind of euphoric feeling for me. I still workout and play basketball like I’m training because of my competitive nature. As an actor, its a different kind of vulnerability. With music, you’re hearing something specific from me, my perspective, my words, everything. With acting I get to hide behind this character and make mistakes. For music, the more flawed you are it’s less understanding for people. But I enjoy them equally.

For Mother’s Day you shared a message on Instagram about your journey from being homeless, living out a car, and in shelters in Chicago. What message do you have for people coming from similar situations?

I always just say everything is temporary. Good or bad. I urge people not to get captive in their circumstances. A lot of times when we are going through things it feels like we have no way out of them. But when you look back at the things you’ve already been through, you can see that you got through it. I used to be worried about the future, but then I realized it’s out of my control anyway so I focus on a direction where I’m happy and feel purposeful.

Tell me about the story behind your new song Keep Me in Mind?

This specific record I wrote about a situation because I felt like it was something a lot of people could indentify with. In relationships when you’re with someone it could be good in the beginning then when things aren’t going too well, it can be difficult. I wrote this from the outside looking in. Recognizing how you could impact somebody else and remind them that they aren’t stuck in the circumstance they are in. That they should be treated how they feel and want to be loved.

I heard a certain someone who most of us know was influential in this new song. Who is that and how did that person inspire you?

I wrote this song about a situation, she kind of inspired it but it wasn’t about her per say. Kehlani, is somebody who has inspired me in a lot of different ways. She inspired me to do music, brought me around a lot of music, and we kicked it a lot. I told her about it and she loved it. She’s had an impact on me music wise.

In this situationou described in the song, what is your relationship advice?

It depends on what position you are in. It’s that saying, good guys finish last. For whatever reason women are drawn to that toxic kind of love and I think it’s a bigger issue as to why. I think women from a certain cultural upbringing tend to stick to toxic men. It stems from a lot of different reasons such as how they grew up and the things they were able to see. A lot of times we don’t get to see what a healthy or structured relationship looks like so we identify with what we are used to. For me, I didn’t see my mom in a happy relationship or parents  married for 20/30 years. We tend to be drawn to these things subconsciously and that’s what creates this kind of cycle.

How did you learn how to play the guitar and piano?

I taught myself every instrument I learned how to play, drums, electric, acoustic, bass. I’ve been teaching myself piano for like three months. It’s easy anyone can do it. You have to want to be good at it. Some people only want to do enough to look like they can do it. I actually want to be good.

What made you start doing music?

I was doing music before acting, then acting started to take off so that’s what I was focused on. I didn’t have a lot of breathing room. Luckily I was always in one project to the next so it wasn’t a period of time to focus on music until now. I already was feeling like I wanted to give myself a voice and opportunity to grow as an artist.

I heard Rihanna DM you some encouraging words, how did that feel?

It was surprising. It was unexpected. I had no idea she even knew who I was and I still don’t know how. I was at this point where I was in such a bind and was saying no to a lot of acting opportunities. I was feeling like I wanted to give music a chance, but it was so much up in the air. She said “it’s rare to see someone equally as talented in acting, as they are in music.” I thought, wow I appreciate you queen. That affirmation meant a lot to me.

Speaking of DMs, the ladies love you. Do you see the different messages sent to you and posts on Twitter?

I see the DMs, but I don’t spend all day on it because overtime you get used to it. It becomes a trend. What I’ve noticed is a lot of them are saying the same wild things to celebrities. I don’t buy too much into it. I’d rather someone say they appreciates my work, than how I look.

Are you single?

I am single. You will know if I’m with someone. I won’t be super public but if you notice the DMs closed and see who I’m with then you know. But I’m not hiding anyone.

Is there anything that you can tell us to expect tonight?

You can expect the end. Everything will end. I don’t see a spin-off happening. Hopefully people will leave satisfied and want to start over and watch the series again.

You already are an Emmy award winner, what is the next goal you want to achieve?

I want some sort of accolade surrounding best new artist, I’ve been putting a lot of time and manifestation towards that. I want a Grammy, Oscar, and another Emmy. I also want an NAACP Image Award. It’s always nice to be acknowledged by your own people, that would mean more to me than a lot of other awards. I would love to do a romantic comedy too like Hitch and along those lines. I’m trying to be open minded and see what comes to me… but something great.

Although tonight we say goodbye to the Sandra Rhimes series, we have more music to look forward to from Flynn. Tonight How To Get Away With Murder airs at 10 pm. ET on ABC, bur Flynn is prepared for his next projects as an artist. In the meantime, check out his latest music video below!



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