Remembering Sweet Ana Márquez-Greene On What Would Be Her 10th Birthday

Ana Márquez-Greene

Remembering Sweet Ana Márquez-Greene On What Would Be Her 10th Birthday

Four years ago, the world lost a beautiful angel by the name of Ana Marquez-Greene during the tragic Sandy Hook shooting. Her mother, Nelba Márquez-Greene, has been keeping her name and spirit alive through The Ana Grace Project. On what would’ve been her 10th birthday today, Nelba shares a touching letter. See below:

    “Sweet Ana,

    This is the worst birthday yet. Miss you so much my head and stomach hurt. Miss you so much no one is talking. Miss you so much I’m sleeping with “special blanket”.

    The family of Ana Márquez-Greene shares with you the sacred, intimate photos of 6 birthdays…. and the ravages of gun violence.

    We wish to remind you today, on what would have been Ana’s 10th birthday- to love.
    There is an Ana Grace sitting in every classroom in America. There is also an Adam Lanza. Only by acknowledging this and equipping teachers, communities and systems to deal with both and every child in between- will love actually win.

    In honor of the life of Ana Grace Márquez-Greene, we invite you to follow The Ana Grace Project on FB, Twitter, Instagram and make a donation here: We have been invited to expand our Love Wins partner schools program from 2 schools to 10. And we need $375,000 to do it.

    I know it’s a long shot. And I have learned to believe that nothing is impossible.
    Join the ‪#‎lovewins‬ movement.

    Love wins. And it also saves lives.”

Learn more about The Ana Grace Project here. Rest in Peace Ana.

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