Recap: Embrace Her Legacy Hosts Their Third Annual Day Of The Girl Summit

Recap: Embrace Her Legacy Hosts Their Third Annual Day Of The Girl Summit

Women empowerment has become a huge topic of discussion more prominently in recent years, but the action made to do that still has some work to do. That’s where we call on Maria Melendez, who has made it her mission to help the current, and next generation of women find the potential within themselves to change the world. The founder of Embrace Her Legacy, a workshop program for empowerment and motivational speaking, has been working extremely hard to spread her positive message, and it’s definitely working.

Hosting her third annual Day Of The Girl Summit this past weekend, the accomplished entrepreneur gathered over 60 high school students to experience the well-established program. Involving panels, workshops, and more in order to help the girls tap into their inner power, all of the young ladies left with a sense of increased motivation.

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The day started off with an introduction presentation from Maria, who shared her story of leaving her “dream job” at a major record label in order to pursue her empowering venture. Being in an industry that is mostly male-dominated, she found herself miserable at her job as the cutthroat competition took over her love for the music and work with other women. It was right then and there she decided to give up her record label job perks for her life’s calling and purpose.

Moving into the program, the students were split into smaller groups, where the mentors were called up to introduce themselves, continuing to go around and spread their words of wisdom to each individual. The younger ladies shared their own stories of facing triumph, struggles, and self-doubt, leading to emotions running very high amongst some groups, along with a sense of closeness.

After a quick lunch break, life coach and entrepreneur Lucinda Cross gave a very moving speech to the Summit attendees, interacting with them to face their own truths of self-love, self-honesty, and building their courage to go after what they want.

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Soon after, the Summit wrapped up with a finale of panelists, including the likes of on-air personality, Dana Blair, as well as financial coach, Keishan Rowe. Each woman participated in an essential conversation, speaking on what women empowerment means to them, how to increase it within their respective fields, and the best ways to get over fears.

You can read more about Embrace Her Legacy, Maria, her mission, and more over at her company’s website here.

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