Pharrell Launches Network of Creative Minds Through ‘iAmOther’ Channel

Pharrell Launches Network of Creative Minds Through ‘iAmOther’ Channel

While the revolution on television has yet to be realized (but is supposedly still in the works), Pharrell Williams has taken to the most promising platform of them all — the internet.  Instead of jumping straight to your TV screen, he decided to hit you where you sit the most.  And recruited a few of the best who do it, to further the project along.

iAmOther,’ by definition, is a network.  Incorporating all forms of art, it provides a place for creative minds to not only dwell, but to prosper.


Awkward Black Girl

The first major announcement from this network is the coalition with Issa Rae‘s Shorty-Award winning web-series “The MisAdventures of Awkward Black Girl.”  During the first season of this highly anticipated show, it took a few pit-stops and restroom breaks along the way to stardom.  Literally progressing from a cell phone camera to more adjustable and user-friendly equipment with the help of supporters through Kickstarter, Awkard Black Girl demonstrated how to break down borders in Hollywood — stock up on the ammunition from your own backyard.

By the season finale, the premiere episode was nearing over 1,000,000 views, and even garnered support from rising actor Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino in the hip-hop world.  Before the racist ranting that congratulated her relevance in the screenwriting and directing world, she and (other head writer) Tracy Oliver addressed criticism to alleged LGBT insensitivity.

With both situations handled delicately and with ease, the announcement of the awkward talented crew belonging to iAmOther, naturally, only makes sense.  Now with a loyal and dedicated audience, a new family collective, and a continuous growing list of sponsors, all we can hope is that this time around they don’t keep us waiting for the follow-up episodes for too long!

Beginning June 14th




The second obviously fitting iAmOther member is Nardwuar the Human Serviette.  The quirky Canadian known for his scarily amazing talent to dig up pieces of anyone’s past, and then have them recall it in detail on camera can sometimes make for a very awkward moment on screen, but classic moment, nonetheless.  Usually clad in bright clothes, with a loud hat, the Vancouver radio host has been in effect since 1987.  Recently making name for himself in the internet world, especially with hip-hop, the character he portrays is so out-the-box that comparing him to Iggy Pop or “Weird Al” Yankovic is close, but no cigar.

Following his extensive research of the participant, he challenges their own knowledge of themselves.  Watching your favorite artist go through a series of mind-f**ks is the best reward from watching any of his interviews.  Not to mention, he doesn’t only interview musicians.  And,  he dabbles in the industry himself, known as a singer and keyboardist for The Evaporators.  Of course he fits right in.


Pharrell has chosen to include all realms of artistry. Leah LeBelle, who recently premiered her debut single “Sexify,” is belonging to the iAmOther record label, alongside Jermaine Dupri’s SoSoDef Recordings and L.A. Reid’s Epic Records.  Hailing from Canada, she first made a splash in the states on the highly publicized 3rd Season of American Idol, a favorite of Paula Abdul.  At the age of 17, she made it to the top 12 before voted off.  Now with history as background singer for Keri Hilson, Robin Thicke, Jordin Sparks, Jonas Brothers and Eric Benet, 25-year-old Leah is ready for her own mic stand in the spotlight.



Other artists on the label are Alyssa Brenal, Buddy, and Maxine Ashley–all handpicked by Pharrell himself.


From “Others by Hypebeast” to “Pharrell’s State of The Union” and upcoming web-game show “Stereotypes,” the growth of iAmOther should have the attention of like-minded creatives around the worldwide web.  In fact, it appears to be more of an actual fruition of what Kanye West infamously ranted about on Twitter for hours; (DONDA, Which has also been on the steady incline from his clothing label to newly premiered film “Cruel Summer” in Cannes.)

iAmOther, however, is all about the people. It’s a platform available for the expanding world of artists and a great example of what can be. It also includes partnerships with BBC Ice Cream, Friends With You, Bionic Yarn, Qream, Arts Guild & Gallery, Brooklyn Machine Works, UJAM, and From One Hand To Another. I’ll be looking forward to its success, in hopes that it may inspire similar movements.  There’s room for us all.

So if revolution won’t be televised, at least it’ll be a click away.

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Jazzi Johnson

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