Pharrell Launches Children Press Conference for ‘Happy!’ Book

Pharrell Launches Children Press Conference for ‘Happy!’ Book

Pharrell stopped by a British school full of excited kiddie journalists to ask some pressing questions about his Happy! children’s book.

The children with microphones at hand and inquiries in heads were more than ready to get the lowdown from the artist turned author. Things like what his favorite page in the book and if he would read Happy! on the toilet or bed to if he has any pets and if “Happy” if his favorite song.

Even though there was a clear distinction between Pharrell and the young ones, he admitted that he is definitely still a big kid at heart.

“Without the kids, I would not have this career. There so many adults in the world right now who lode what you guys have and that’s the joy and importance of being a kid. I’m still a big kid, and I don’t wanna lose that…You have to continue to give back to what’s given you so much, which are the kids.”

Watch the clip below answering what a “Happy helper” is,  what Pharrell orders at McDonald’s, and more above!

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