Personal Care is No. 1

Personal Care is No. 1

As of 8pm Saturday, all personal care businesses in the tri-state were ordered to close due to COVID-19.  This means that hairdressers, estheticians, nail salons, barber shops, make up artists, and beauty supply stores will not be open.

While we acknowledge the importance of these closures to fight the spread of the coronavirus, we also value self care in moments of crisis.  If you look good you, you feel good.

To help you get through this time, we provided you with some of our favorite content creators to help you stay beautiful, while also staying safe!

Makeup With @JackieAina

Unless you order online, the drugstore is the only place you can buy new makeup currently.  Check out influencer Jackie Aina’s Youtube video on drugstore products to bring your looks together!

“Today I’m trying out a bunch of new makeup from the drugstore. I took some chances on products that the drugstore usually sucks at and I was pleasantly surprised!!!! Hope you all enjoy today’s look!”

For more of Jackie’s Youtube videos, visit her channel.  Jackie Aina is dedicated to changing the standards of beauty, one video at a time!

Hair With @DeeperThan Hair

Since our hairs salons are closed, many of us will be rocking our natural hair while we are in the house.  Hair stylist Kee Taylor has you covered with this video on how to keep your hair moisturized!

“My client Karen Civil is giving her hair a break from protective styles and wearing her real hair.”

For more of Kee Taylor’s Youtube videos, visit her channel.  She is celebrity hair stylist that shows you different techniques to achieve HEALTHY, beautiful hair WITHOUT the aid of relaxers.

Personal Hygiene With @BeautifulBrwnBabyDol

While we are quarantined, this is a great time to invest extra time into your body.  Licensed Psychologist, Associate Psychology Professor, certified life coach, and vlogger Dr. Bina shows you ways to pamper yourself!

“You asked for self care and pamper routine for when I am stressed. Well I am stressed, lol and here is one that is realistic and easy to follow once a month. This helps with stress, mental health and wellness.” 

For more of Dr. Bina’s Youtube videos, visit her channel.  She shares healthy psychological tips, beauty tutorials, and the journey to loving herself!

Home Decor With @LGQueen

We are all spending a lot of time in our rooms, so why not give it a makeover?! Home decorator LG Queen  helps you transform your bedroom AND on a budget!

“Today I will be showing you a complete bedroom makeover before and after. I show you how to transform your bedroom/room in your home with DIY, budget friendly ideas, hacks and tips. I hope you are inspired and have fun creating your dream room!”

For more of Youtube videos, visit her channel. Linda’s channel is all about home decor and DIY.  She loves to create things and decorate with glam elegance.

Cooking With @DivasCanCook

We hope you all did your grocery shopping!  Restaurants will now only be open for take-out and pick-up at limited hours so we’ll be doing more cooking.

“On Divas Can Cook channel, you will find lots of from-scratch cooking inspired by my southern upbringing.”

For more of Youtube videos, visit her channel. Monique’s goal is to inspire you to get into the kitchen and discover just how fun, easy and approachable Southern cooking can be!

The Karen Civil/Live Civil brand encourages everyone to practice social distancing and mindfulness during this pandemic.  Remember to  not only prioritize your health, but the health of others also!

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