Nivea Gives Rihanna The Boot

Nivea Gives Rihanna The Boot

Today it was announced that Pop Superstar Rihanna had been dropped as the face of Nivea only after a year of signing on. New Nivea CEO deemed Rihanna “Too Sexy” and didn’t know how to in his words

“I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna.”

Lets be 100% honest here it isn’t an issue of Rihanna being too sexy it’s mainly because Rihanna’s nonchalant attitude and rebellious nature. Rihanna in recent months has said and done all that she possibly can to show that she’s not the sweet angel that we once perceived her to be. And while she has in the process shed her once good girl image she also has become a liability to sponsors and as well as a hindrance to her brand. Her twitter page has become a cause of so much controversy and she seems to not mind the negative attention being brought on because she seems to be having fun in the process.

Nivea CEO Stefan Heidenreich had this to say in releasing Rihanna “Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability”. With all due respect Nivea knew the kind of artist they had placed as the face of their brand. You not only got the beauty of Rihanna but everything that came with her.. The raunchy lyrics, The rumors about her sexual life and multiple partners that was all apart of the agreement whether it was in the contract or not. Nivea also sponsored her tour so the whole we stand family thing is contradictory.

Overall Rihanna should be concerned this can be the rapture for her sponsors the more she taints her public image the more people will distance themselves from her brand. Rihanna needs someone to pull her to the side and let her know that she’s hurting herself.

Are Rihanna’s wild ways costing her more than just her image?

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  • Glam
    August 8, 2012

    Beautiful woman that has surely tainted her image. Since the Domestic scandal with Chris things have not been the same with this girl.

    What’s wrong if the public thinks you are a goody two shoes. You actually get further in business especially if you are in the business of building a brand.

    Maybe she is trying to change the brand image from angel to raunchy, if so she is headed in the right direction to attarct a more gothic audience.

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