Natal Charts 101: Your Guide To Bulletproof Self Assurance This Thanksgiving

Natal Charts 101: Your Guide To Bulletproof Self Assurance This Thanksgiving

With the extreme level of adulting we’ve all had to do this year in the midst of a global pandemic, I’m sure you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner this week. However, there may be part of you going into protection mode in anticipation of family prying into your business, comparing you to your cousins, and crossing all kinds of boundaries. While we have no control over our family, we have control over ourselves. It is my desire for you to step into your family gathering self assured and Astrology can help you to accomplish that.


Nope, I’m not talking about you comparing your zodiac signs with your family members.


The Science of Astrology is far more complex than that.


As a matter of fact, have you ever met someone who is the same zodiac sign as you and they couldn’t be more of your opposite? That’s because we are not just one sign. We have a map that makes up our full astrological blueprint – it’s is called a Natal Chart. Equipping yourself with the findings of your Natal Chart will result in you walking into Thanksgiving Dinner and beyond with clarity about who you are.


Unless you have a twin that was born mere minutes after you, it’s likely that you don’t have the same exact chart as anyone else. This means that you are unique and individually designed by God for a specific Souls Mission to complete in this lifetime. You’re not a carbon copy of anyone else and your life is unfolding in Divine Timing – not your families.


Understanding your Natal Chart is important because it’s an instructional manual on who you were designed to be long before you began defining yourself by cultural beliefs, family traditions, and other outside conditioning. Question. Who were you before the influences of the world and your family? The real answer is you were already born with a blueprint that outlines all your truths, what you’re here to do, and how to get there.

Beyonce natal chart

An example of a Natal Chart. This one belongs to the Queen, Beyonce.

A Natal Chart is divided into 12 sections, each of them is called a “house”. Each house represents a different part of your life.


The First House: The house of self


The Second House: Money and material things. This house gives insight into your values, earning potential for this lifetime and easy ways you’re designed to create wealth.


The Third House: Communication


The Fourth House: Your roots, family home, your mother, & femininity.


The Fifth House: Sex, creativity, romance, fun & play.


The Sixth House: Health, work, co-workers, being of service & fitness.


The Seventh House: Marriage, relationships, business partnerships & legal contracts.


The Eighth House: Transformation, finances you share with romantic partners, taxes, loans & assets.


The Ninth House: Mental exploration, travel, higher education, learning & religion.


The Tenth House: Career, your father, your masculine energy, reputation & chances for fame.


The Eleventh House: Friendships, groups, hopes & wishes.


The Twelfth House: Self-undoing, endings, things that are hidden, limiting beliefs & spirituality.


Then there are different planets and nodes that fall in different houses which represents your karmic energy in a particular area. The location of where planets fall in your chart is dependent on the city, state, and country where you were born, along with your birthday, most importantly – your exact time of birth.


Sun: Self and Identity


Moon: Emotions, instincts, and who you truly are when you allow people to really get to know you.


Rising/Ascendent: This rules how you present yourself when you initially meet someone, who you are socially, it is your mask.


Mercury: Communication and Intellect


Venus: Love and money. This planet tells how you want to be loved, how you show love & the types of people you romantically attract.


Mars: The planet of energy, sex drive & aggression.


Jupiter: The planet of luck, abundance & expansion.


Saturn: The planet of limitation, life lessons & karma.


Uranus: The planet of originality.


Neptune: The planet of illusion, spirituality & dreams.


Pluto: The planet of transformation & your unconscious mind.


Chiron: The asteroid that rules healing the deepest emotional wound that you’ve been tasked to work through since childhood.


Midheaven: This is not a planet but, it’s the part of your chart that paints a picture of your soul’s career goals.


North Node: Another part of your chart that isn’t a planet but, it provides clarity on your destiny, your life’s purpose, and where your soul is moving towards in order to reach its full maturity.


South Node: On the opposite side, the portion of your chart lets us know a bit about your past lives and tendencies from those previous lifetimes that need to be left behind.


Not only does it give insight into your personality, but you will also find cheat codes to love, career,  learning, money, healing the deepest emotional wound you’ve been carrying since childhood, and most importantly, your purpose. It lays out your strengths, weakness, natural talents, and lessons you need to overcome to reach your soul’s full potential. If you have ever wondered why you are the way you are and why your soul craves certain things, the explanation will be provided for you inside your Natal Chart.


Most importantly, your Spiritual Journey and path to Self Mastery is for you. When Thanksgiving is over, you will still have to love what you see in the mirror and chart a course that is in alignment with who you authentically are. You were specifically designed and brought here for a reason, and you owe it yourself to figure it out. Study your Natal Chart to unlock your destiny and your confidence this Thanksgiving.


Have You Ever Created Your Natal Chart?

How Has It Helped You With Your Confidence?


  • Briana
    November 24, 2020

    I love this! I keep a copy of my natal chart on my phone because sometimes I need to check myself.

  • Famira
    November 24, 2020

    Understanding my full chart has helped me so much. I realized I’m not crazy… I’m designed this way!

  • Kali
    November 24, 2020

    This breakdown is clutch! That natal chat legit holds the cheat codes. There have been moments where friends and I have asked one another “why are we like this?!!!?” From what I’ve learned about natal charts, mine has held the answers. Good, bad or indifferent. LOL.

  • Shakisha
    November 24, 2020

    There is so much peace and understanding when you know thy self! This breakdown is a great starting point but trust me you’ll want to go deeper.

  • Monique Williams
    November 29, 2020

    I’m still processing my natal chart. It answered a lot of things about my choices and passions. I am sad about some things but I’ve learned that I’m here to shine in my Leo energy.

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