Naomi Campbell Launches Daily Livestream Series on Youtube

Naomi Campbell Launches Daily Livestream Series on Youtube

Naomi Campbell announced “No Filter with Naomi,” which is a limited time new series encouraging people to #StayHome.

The supermodel icon, activist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has continiously been vocal about the precautions to take in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.  Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic and even before, Campbell has shared how she protects herself from potentially dangerous germs.  Recently Naomi revealed that she has lost someone she knows everyday this week as a result of the virus.

Although, the pandemic has had on ongoing impact on her life personally, Campbell encourages people to stay positive and strong during this difficult time. This new daily content will be apart of her popular Youtube channel “Being Naomi.”  The livestreams will feature in-depth conversations between Naomi and her close friends including: designers, musicians, actors, beauty gurus and media personalities.

The series kicked off April 6th with supermodel and actress Cindy Crawford as a guest.  Both models practiced social distancing in the safety of their homes while discussing fame, fashion, and iconic 90’s moments.

The second guest of “No Filter With Naomi” is Marc Jacobs and future guests will be announced. The series will continue weekdays for two weeks at 3pm EST.  Click here to visit Campbell’s Youtube Channel.


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