Naomi Campbell Graces Cover of Essence’s 50th Anniversary Issue

Naomi Campbell Graces Cover of Essence’s 50th Anniversary Issue

Icon supermodel and philanthropist Naomi Campbell made history for Essence’s 50th Anniversary issue.

The model is not only the subject of the cover, but also the photographer. Campbell is following social distancing orders, so shot the photo herself with her iPhone at her New York apartment.

“While it was a sad reminder for me of all the people in media and production who are not able to work due to the coronavirus, it also brought me hope and encouragement to know that our people and our infrastructures are resilient,” she said. “We are rooted in knowledge and creativity and continue to take back full control of our narratives. We will come out of this stronger than ever.”

Campbell is celebrating her birthday May 22nd and this cover was a way to celebrate in typical Naomi style. Not only is Essence entering its “Golden Anniversary” year, Campbell also is turning 50 this year and is embracing getting older.

“I’m embracing being here, living, breathing. All the simple things we took for granted now matter so much more than ever before” she said.

During her interview, Campbell also spoke candidly about her recovery and how she is spending her time during the pandemic. She has a daily routine which includes working out, taking vitamins, and praying daily to maintain her sobriety.

“Everyone knows that I’m in recovery. I feel blessed and grateful to have my health today,” she shared, adding that she doesn’t “drink alcohol or do anything that’s mind-altering.”

The 50th anniversary edition of Essence magazine hit national newsstands on May 12.


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