Mott Hall Bridges Academy Aims to Elevate Students of Color

Mott Hall Bridges Academy Aims to Elevate Students of Color

In late October, Brooklyn, New York was the site for 150 young men who gathered at the I Matter Conference held in Brooklyn Borough Hall. The initial segment of the conference series brought concepts of Law and Justice to the young men and will continue throughout the duration of the school year.

The young men joined a panel of attorneys Kenneth Montgomery and Ken White, Campaign Manager of the Correctional Association of New York, Angelo Pinto and PLOT Mentor and NYPD Officer Edwin Raymond to discuss mass incarceration and how major it is for the students to remain focused on education.

Continuing forward, November 1 and 2, Town Hall Theatre was the host of a Ted Talk, which Nadia Lopez delivered information on the subject “Education Revolution.” Lopez, who also serves, as the founding principle of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, was able to speak to members of the campus community on the upcoming PBS televised segment.

The staff of the MHBA is looking to make a difference in the tech industry by increasing the members of color in the workforce from a current 8% and exposing the possibilities of STEAM careers. Members of the academy were also provided a Cyberbullying workshop in efforts to maintain a positive school culture.

In order for the students of MHBA to increase students going to college, the courage initiative was brought about to help understand the type of information is necessary and to deliver key points about testing, financial aid and more.

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