More Cuffs For Your Cough: Saving Money & Lives

"cough" "cold" "flu"

More Cuffs For Your Cough: Saving Money & Lives

"cough" "cold" "flu"

More than any other time, the winter season tends to leave millions bedside.  And with the economy we face today, there’s even more people who decide to ‘rough it out’ instead of taking themselves to the doctor for help.  Even as I’m one of many skeptics who undermine the power of doctors, I can admit that they’ve saved my life twice in my 22 years.  So, I tend to run back to then whenever my body sees fit.  Even little toothaches, (which feel like gigantic tumors to the gums), have been known as silent killers for decades.  Here are a few tips from TODAY’s Health, to keep you on track when you’re down.  You may have to pay for the appointment, but at least you can save on the rest, (including your life!)


1. ASK for a discount.  Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed.  Especially if you’re paying with your own money, with no help from health insurance,

2. Consider splitting pills.  According to TODAY, doctors charge the same amount for a 20mg pill as a 40mg pill.  Asking for a double dose of the suggested amount allows you to save money as you get double the prescription for half the price.  But be sure to ask the doctor if the pill is possible for splitting, as all pills are created differently.

3. Ask for a generic version.  They can come up to 90% cheaper than the brand.

4. Shop at preferred pharmacies.  Every insurance company has a “preferred pharmacy” which may not only handle your prescriptions better, but also get you a lot of cost savings from hidden discounts.

5. Mail-Order prescriptions.  They can save you up to 3-times the amount, as a 90-Day supply by mail generally asks for one single co-pay.  The lag-time could be longer, so depending on the immediacy, you may want to get a walk-in prescription followed up by a mail-order for the following months if you have a long-term need for meds.

6. Double-check your bill.  8 out of 10 medical bills have some sort of error.  Ask for a copy of your bill and proof it for accuracy, as well as reimbursements.

7. Keep track of all medical expenses. Some are tax deductible!  (And we all know tax season is slowly creeping upon us!)

Check out the video below for the full analysis and explanation of these tips, and keep them in mind for a family, friend, or even yourself if you should get under the weather!


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