Master P Partners With Rouses Market to Build Grocery Store in NOLA Food Desert

Master P Partners With Rouses Market to Build Grocery Store in NOLA Food Desert

The pandemic hasn’t ceased to expose the vulnerabilities of marginalized communities. Within these communities are groups of people doubly affected by lack of resources and prioritization: disabled seniors. 


A trip to the grocery store can be life-threatening, as many seniors are physically immobile, have limited access to transportation, and face higher chances of being mugged. In New Orleans, these realities echo those of Guste Homes, a senior living facility situated in a food desert. 


For more than four years, area residents have urged local officials to build a grocery store in the area. The community, instead, is plagued with corner stores that seem to widen the hunger gap. President of Guste Homes, Cynthia Wiggins told WWL4 that they’ve had “a lot of issues in this community with corner grocery stores, and nobody has done anything about it.” 


Rap mogul Percy Miller, aka Master P, refuses to sit by idly as his community suffers. Alongside his son, Romeo, Miller partnered with Rouses Market to launch Guste Grocery. The grocery store is located in the lobby of Guste Homes, making it easy for more than 400 senior citizens to access affordable healthy foods and household items. 



When asked about his contribution in implementing this change, Miller mentioned the importance of helping people who’ve paved the way for us. “It’s a blessing to have Rouses partner with us and put fresh produce and foods into our grocery stores in the Senior Facility at Guste Homes.” The blessings won’t end just there. 


Rouses, a chain of grocery supermarkets, plans to train residents to run and manage the grocery store. They also intend to develop more grocery stores in the lobbies of other low-income area housing facilities. Miller intends to use this project to wield even more economic empowerment for Black farmers and businesses. In an Instagram post, the rapper shared his excitement. 


“It’s a blessing to be able to help local New Orleans small business owners get their product on the shelves in major chain grocery stores. Salute to @rousesmarkets for [spearheading] this initiative. Trust the process. This is only the beginning! #Godisgood Economic empowerment”



Since his massive rap career took off in the 90s, Master P has found success in various industries such as music, television, fashion, and food. His multiple business deals have generated jobs and financial advancement of the Black community for decades. His partnership with Rouses speaks of his kind heart, but for those of us who were raised on his music and movies, we know P is serious about ownership. 


With messages of Black ownership and empowerment sampled throughout Solange’s album A Seat at the Table, Master P distinguishes himself like our rich uncle who’s always putting us up on game. 

What Do You Think About Master P’s Continued Efforts Of  Ownership And Serving His Community?

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