Manny Pacquiao Chasing Wild Rabbits With Hennessy

Manny Pacquiao Chasing Wild Rabbits With Hennessy

Sorry, no TMZ footage available. But the story is still provoking, aye?  Though Pacquiao can’t physically be seen chasing wild rabbits, in theory, many of us have been witnessing him doing just that since 2006.  Sensationalized in the news as one of only two of the greatest boxers pound-for-pound today, Pacquiao became front-page news for the lack of development in the fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr.  Even so, he’s continued to hold his own and continue to build his legacy with every step.  And Hennessy thought so too.

Hennessy’s new campaign is for Hennessy Cognac.  “What’s your wild rabbit” has been known as the slogan since its debut on its Facebook page February 17th.  According to the brand, your “wild rabbit” is your drive and motive.  The NY Times reported that the company has devoted up to $70million dollars for the campaign, including commercials, print, online/outdoor ads, and a strong social media presence.  No one’s quite sure about how this will all tie in with the general public, but the site is encouraging participation from the age-appropriate beginning the end of this month.

Pacquiao isn’t the sole celebrity chosen for the face of this campaign; Erykah Badu and Martin Scorsese comprises the known trio of the first installment of advertisements as well.  “Never Stop. Never Settle.” is the motto.  Badu will be discussing “bringing new things into the world by following my heart;” Scorsese will focus on how it is “to portray life as people really see and feel it;” and Pacquiao–the first official release–is up “to fight the fights that really matter.”

He does this by giving us a first-hand look into his cultivation of success and hard work– in Manila, Philippines.  Courtesy of ESPN and Hennessy, they show what “home” was really like for him growing up and explain how he became the legendary fighter he is today.

Pacquiao’s wild rabbit is to always chase and keep dreaming; to never stop dreaming. What’s your wild rabbit?


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