Love Astrology: The Magic Is In Your Moon Sign

Love Astrology: The Magic Is In Your Moon Sign

I first fell in love with astrology as a young girl trying to see if myself and my then-boyfriend were destined to be together forever. It sounds over the top and dramatic but, as a teenager, magazine horoscopes were all the rage and I couldn’t get enough. I’d compare our zodiac signs each month digging for insight and entertainment.


It wasn’t until I later dived deeper into the science of astrology that I realized how ineffective this was. As I’ve shared previously, our zodiac sign sheds light on just a sliver of our personality – the most basic part – it doesn’t paint the full picture of who were are. It certainly doesn’t tell us much of anything about relationships.


In order to truly get an idea of what a relationship looks like between two people, you’d have to combine your Natal Charts. If the thought of all that overwhelms you, I need you to compare one sign at bare minimum – your Moon Signs.


Your Moon sign is the version of yourself that you show up as in romantic relationships, not your zodiac sign. In astrology, the moon represents our emotions and what we need to feel safe and secure with others. This is the part of ourselves that we don’t show to everyone but, in our most intimate relationships this is who we are when we take our mask off.


You won’t meet this part of a persons personality right away, and they won’t meet this side of you in the beginning either. Click here to find out  your Moon Sign. If you’re in a relationship, I also encourage you to find your partners Moon Sign for useful insight that you can begin using today.


A Quick Glance of How Each Moon Sign Shows Up In Relationships and/or Marriage:


Moon In Aries: Idealistic and energetic but, can also be impatient and domineering. You require lots of passion, otherwise, you become restless within your relationship. An Aries Moon requires you to keep things fresh, otherwise, you can quickly fall for someone else.


Moon in Taurus: Trustworthy and affectionate but, may also have a hard time with change. Taurus Moons love to find someone to settle down with, you’re beyond loyal. However, you must be mindful of not being loyal to a fault, otherwise, you’ll stay in relationships long beyond their expiration date for the sake of comfort.


Moon in Gemini: Charming, funny but, also has the tendency to be emotionally manipulative. Gemini Moons cycle through periods of feeling unfulfilled in your relationships but, typically bounce back after realizing there’s no “perfect person”. You can be high strung, so it’s important that you’re consistent about grounding yourself. Otherwise, you’ll end up in another relationship before ending the previous one out of sheer boredom.


Moon in Cancer: Intuitive to your needs and protective but, can also be moody. This Moon placement has typically experienced a really bad heartbreak that knocks you off your square for a while. However, once you recover you love deeply. Cancer Moons certainly pack a lot of emotions but, you feel at home and nourish your soul in such a way that all is always forgiven.


Moon in Leo: Fun and creative but, may come off as self-centered at times. Leo Moons are prideful folks who want to appear a certain way in the world. You need someone who helps you to always appear in a good light. Your ego is huge but, you’re loyal to those you love and have no hesitation to show that love in a big way. Lastly, you love to spoil too! 


Moon in Virgo: Intelligent and responsible but, could be highly critical. You can sometimes come off like a parent but, it’s just that you want the best for your partner. Once you learn how to balance your somewhat controlling ways, others find that they can always count on you for support.


Moon in Libra: Diplomatic and charming but, can be indecisive. Your partners must be aesthetically pleasing and you don’t typically settle down quickly. Libra Moons are fair but, it can take you some time to make decisions. It’s because you will run down every possible scenario in your head and carefully choose the one that keeps the peace for everyone. If you’re a Libra Moon, make sure you’re not giving more than you’re receiving in your relationship. 


Moon in Scorpio: Emotional and intuitive but, maybe secretive at times. You often have a fear of being controlled and find it hard to be vulnerable until you have complete trust. I’m not gonna lie to you, it may take a minute to get through the layers of a Scorpio Moon. Once you’re in, always keep it honest or things won’t end well, ha! You love deep but, like a scorpion, you still go deep if you’re hurt.


Moon in Capricorn: You can commit to long term relationships once you finally let your guard down enough to trust someone. You’re so driven and passionate when it comes to a career because you desire structure and order. Relationships require a level of vulnerability and surrender that you can’t control. Once you realize that you’re partner is down to ride through thick and thin, there’s nothing a Capricorn Moon won’t do. 


Moon in Aquarius: You seek to find the balance between being in a committed relationship while maintaining some independence. You may not be the most romantic or outwardly sensitive but, you care. As long as you don’t feel trapped, you display your appreciation in ways beyond giving roses and gifts. 


Moon in Pisces: May keep your feelings hidden but, you’re compassionate and loyal. You’re so magical you mather feel as if they’re in a trance. Others may find themselves drawn to you even if you’re trying your best to play it cool. If you are a Pisces Moon, beware of people coming to you to be healed… Reciprocity is vital; otherwise, you’ll be milked dry for your magic.


Moon In Sagittarius: You are a Free Spirit who may be hard to pin down for commitment but, as long as you don’t feel caged within a relationship, you’ll be one of the most fun partnerships one could ever enter into. Sagittarius Moons love to travel, try new things, and are adventurous in the bedroom. You’re unforgettable lovers who push towards greatness.


What is Your Moon Sign & How Do You Show Up In Romantic Relationships?


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