Louis Vuitton vs Coach?

Louis Vuitton vs Coach?

Who would have ever thought that it would be a fashion war between Louis Vuitton and Coach? Then again, the fashion world is unpredictable!

Styleblazzer.com reports:

“In messy employee news, Louis Vuitton’s North American (LVNA) division is suing former VP, Joon Ma for breach of contract. Ma resigned on April 4, 2014 from the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennesy property and began her new job as Senior Vice President, Global Customer Experience for Coach on April 28, 2014– violating the six month non-compete clause.

And her shifting jobs gets even more messy, according to Louis Vuitton.

“Prior to leaving LVNA for Coach, Ma transferred confidential LVNA information from her LVNA laptop computer to several external storage devices, and then deleted files and emails from her LVNA computer and email account in an effort to cover her tracks,” their suit claims.

What do they want, you ask? According to The Fashion Law, a lot.

LVNA is asking the court to force Ma to return all of its confidential and trade secret information in her possession, and cease working for Coach for the full duration of the six-month non-competition restriction contained in her agreement with LVNA. Oh, and “well over $500,000.”

LVNA is also suing Coach, for hiring Maon intentional interference with contract and business relationsviolations. So everyone’s under the bus.

That’ll teach employees to leave LVMH on the wrong foot.”-Danielle Kwateng 

So what you think? Did Coach hire Ma with malice or its just one big coincidence?

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