Local New York High School Recreates Chris Brown/Rihanna Situation In Black Face

Local New York High School Recreates Chris Brown/Rihanna Situation In Black Face

I normally start my posts off in a politically correct manner or in a joking way but this particular situation has rubbed me so wrong that I can’t even do that. 3 white teenagers in blackface at a High School in New York felt the need to reenact the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident. The incident which took place at a pep rally was seen by not only faculty and students but parents as well. My question is who allowed this. Surely these teens planned this out and ran it by someone before they actually did it so why not stop them ahead of time.

I’ve had the longest standing hatred for blackface since I saw bamboozled years ago. What blackface represents and how it’s presented will always touch home and strike a nerve for me. So for these students to not only go out there way to recreate a domestic violence scheme for laughs and jokes but to do it in blackface shows me that they don’t see anything wrong with it and chances are they probably won’t be penalized aside from a public apology.

The Rihanna Chris situation is years old at this point and it still is relevant but instead of bringing light to the fact that most domestic violence relationships end up reuniting after the first hit they try and make a joke of the situation. There will never be anything funny about a man beating a woman. There’s no humor whatsoever in a woman’s face being reconfigured or has to deal with the mental scars of someone abusing them. We may never know what happened in the car that day aside from Rihanna being hit but that’s all we needed to know. To make light of it in hopes of showing others that you can be funny sickens me.

And blackface comes from a time where minstrel shows were in. When black actors weren’t respected enough to get roles so they painted the face of white actors to replace the black actors. And during the minstrel show era they had black actors wear even more blackface. This was a time where we were viewed as no more than singers/dancers when it came to it.

Hopefully the board of education for Waverly High School will step in and fix this. Not just make the students apologize but make them realize that what they did wasn’t funny but offensive and disrespectful. Not just disrespectful to victims of domestic violence but to their family and friends and students of that high school.

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