Liza Love: Shoes for the Woman on the Go!

Liza Love: Shoes for the Woman on the Go!

It is no secret that today’s women are juggling multiple roles. Whether its being a mother, friend, wife/girlfriend, businesswoman or even finding balance between career moves, we are constantly on the go.

Inspired by the courage and independence of women, Liza Love established Liza Love LLC Shoe Company. Being in the corporate health care business, Love knew first hand how hard it was to work all day, grab a cocktail with the girls and make it home for dinner comfortably. Love sorted out to create a line of shoes that one can wear from the office, to an after work spot and ultimately  to dinner without  aches and pains.

Liza Love, LLC was established in 2012 with an online shopping stylist suggesting shoe styles based on business dress codes. Liza Love believes the way you step into your position can play a big role in your professional career. Liza Love is a classic and sophisticated brand for professional women. The Liza Love brand produces inspiring collections for women looking to step into a power position. It will allow you to take charge of your life and step into success with style and confidence without compromising sophistication.

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