Live Covers: Drake, Frank Ocean and Jessie J Reinvented

"Drake" "Jessie J" "Frank Ocean"

Live Covers: Drake, Frank Ocean and Jessie J Reinvented

As we all know, the best way for raw talent to get the most notice is when they create a song that’s already loved, in a way that hasn’t really been heard before.  For today’s Live Cover post, we introduce to you three entities doing exactly that, who  secretly have original gems of their very own.  Keep a look-out and a close eye on these as they develop, you won’t want to miss it.

"Drake" "Jessie J" "Frank Ocean"

Andy Suzuki and The Method “Take Care”

This group, comprised of three, is a musical force on the rise.  Kozza Babumba as hand percussionist, Jason Gorelick as violinist, and band leader Andy Suzuki on piano and voice is so smooth that no smooth operator could out-perform.  Two turned into three by 2008; the trio has been on the run together since meeting through college circuits of Brown University.  Heavily making a name for themselves on the East Coast, they’ve been praised by NPR, Time Out New York, and WNYC Public Radio amongst others.  In their latest viral sensation, the trio makes a new sound out of Drake and Rihanna’s “Take Care”.  The violin is perhaps the best new element of them all.  You be to judge.

 Learn and Hear more from the rising trio here

Jennah Bell “Swim Good”

Perhaps the most common thread between these three artists is the influence of college. Jennah Bell grew up in Oakland, California but went on to perfect her vocals at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. With a unique twist of folk, a little bit of country, bluegrass, dub, and funk– it’s no wonder the perfect cover for her was of Frank Ocean who’s also in a category of his own. At the age of 23, the songbird continues to soar just below the radar, but I have a feeling it won’t be for too long. Check out the acoustic rendition from the rising talent below.

Stay live with Jennah Bell on her personal music blog here

Maria Bossman “Nobody’s Perfect”

Continuing the college musicians theme, Maria Bossman is an artist from Ghana who ventured to New York City for New School University.  The cleverly tatted singer/songwriter completely dove into her love of music at the last half of 2011, and has already stirred a bit of a buzz from her single “Merry Go Round.”  Showcasing another fresh, pure sound, she’s also gearing up to release a mixtape to showcase just that– no embellishments or edits included.  Check out her soothing cover to Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect” below.

Keep in touch with latest doings of The Bossman on her personal blog here

These are just a few of the best covers floating around today.  Do you have a favorite from ours or otherwise?  Who’s the latest rising star on your radar?

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