Live Civil’s Top 7 Lively Civilians of 2011: Day 2

Live Civil’s Top 7 Lively Civilians of 2011: Day 2

Every year, the time comes for a listing of the top celebrity donations and philanthropists based upon money, prestige and sincerity.  But, isn’t that just played out?  This time, we would like to present to you those whom have contributed to the betterment of this world, while fighting for their rightful place in history altogether.

Russell Simmons (Hip Hop Mogul)

Besides Russell Simmons remaining the power house of the hip hop industry for over 20 years, he’s had a guest appearance on almost all of your favorite reality shows for a reason– he knows what he wants and how to get it.  In this token, he uses this same freedom of choice in his freedom of voice.  This year, via his political and entertainment outlet of Global Grind, he’s covered issues that directly affect the hip-hop community from Obama’s Healthcare to the Nation-wide Wall Street Occupations.

This time around, it’s Simmons’ recent act of putting his money where his mouth is, that’s gained him the fifth spot on our list.  After Lowe’s –the US-based retail home improvement and appliance company– pulled all of their advertisement from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” show, Russell came to the rescue.  Based around 5 families, the show depicts a Detroit suburb with a large Muslim and Arab-American population.  The show was created to positively portray the millions of Americans who have been unfairly ridiculed and judged based upon their faith following the tragedy of 9/11, which left us all affected in our own way.

Lowe’s pulled out from the advertisers after receiving an email of “concern” from The Florida Family Association.  Simmons, who, like many, found this to be an unjust act, bought the remainder of the lost ad spots for his company, Rush Card.  Not only is he standing up for what’s right, but he gets to profit out of the whole ordeal as well.  Seems fair; Seems civil.

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