Live Civil Woman Entrepreneur of The Month: Nicky Garcia

Live Civil Woman Entrepreneur of The Month: Nicky Garcia

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? “The freedom and ability to create, at my will, however hard, or however easy I want to” -Nicky Garcia, CEO of Her Own Lane & Victory House Agency


Grounded, passionate, and kind are three words entrepreneur Nicky Garcia uses to describe herself.  These qualities are what make Nicky not only the businessperson she is, but also the woman she’s grown to be.  This proud Latinx woman day by day builds from the foundation of her Colombian mother and father with Nicaraguan roots.  They both were always in survival mode which naturally caused Garcia to not only have a strong work ethic, but tenacity to withstand the media industry.  Although Nicky is a trailblazer in her career, the aura that you feel in her presence is calming which creates an instant feeling of comfort. Talking to Nicky Garcia is like talking to the “girl boss” mentor you always needed in your life.  From working at a No. 1 radio station to becoming a digital marketing maven, she still doesn’t believe these achievements are what define her. Nicky has proven herself to be defined by her integrity, service to others, and strong work ethic.


As a minority in the industry, specifically a woman of color, there comes obstacles that only the strong can navigate through.  In just twelve years, Nicky has been able to achieve goals that most take a lifetime to reach. Nicky began her career at Los Angeles’ No. 1 hip-hop radio station Power 106.  She was quickly able to work her way up by using her social media skills to work alongside influential personalities such as Big Boi and Sway Calloway.  Garcia furthered her portfolio by providing strategic digital campaigns for brands such as Doritos, ADIDAS, AT&T, and Revolt TV.  


Nicky wasn’t always the experienced professional she is now, at one time she was a young woman in the media industry without the tools she needed to assert herself. These experiences were beneficial to her career and ensured that she would not b molded into someone she wasn’t.  Eventually, she had to find her voice in order to be the true representation of herself. Through her journey, she’s had to make sacrifices but at a point she chose her integrity over everything, “I’ve worked with legends in the game and it took awhile to say no and be okay with that and I lost my job because of it.”  She may have lost jobs, she maintained her dignity and integrity.


“The common denominator has been for Women and equality.”


At a young age from the day she realized as the girl in her household, that she was called to set the table and not the boys, Nicky made it her mission to want more from not only herself  but for women who come after her. In every aspect of Nicky’s career and impact, she integrates the specific experiences she has lived based on her intersecting identities of gender and race in order to provide women the resources for empowerment.  When asked about her pattern for working with marginalized individuals she said, “I’m big on attracting what I want. Most of my clients are women and specifically women of color, or men of color so im naturally attracting that into my life.” Nicky’s holistic approach to connecting with oppressed groups continues to shine through when she uses terms such as “Womxn” and “Latinx” which are gender neutral terms to be inclusive of all genders.


“Steer clear from copying because it’s not authentic, people can see it and it’ll catch up right back to you.”


Instantly when you experience the energy of Nicky, you feel a certain authenticity that you don’t get from many people, especially in this field.  By consciously maintaining a sense of self and not getting caught up in ego, Garcia was able to create her own lane…which later resulted in the launch of her first business Her Own Lane.  This company was founded on the experience of Nicky’s ability to wear multiple hats, “People would always ask me what I did and ask for a business card.  And I was like how do I put everything into one title? So that’s why it began. I can’t say I do one thing.”  Her Own Lane equips women with the right tools and resources to run her own business.  This woman-founded and women operated company provides services such as mentorship, workshops, events, and courses that facilitate growth.  Nicky also talks the skills needed for a flourishing personal life, “I think the biggest tool that there is, is recognizing you are to love yourself.  I think it’s a struggle as a woman because we are instilled to love everybody and take care of someone else before ourselves.”


Her Sagittarius characteristics reveal themselves in Nicky’s passion and continuous focus on important issues while also maintaining the foundations.  Nicky is the CEO of Her Own Lane and Victory House which is a creative agency focused on digital marketing, branding and cultural experiences.  She began doing freelance work, but considering the importance of ownership, Nicky decided to make it a business.  Also, she had a desire to work with bigger brands and create larger campaigns covering a broad spectrum from charity work to entertainment to wellness.


“If I knew then what I know now…”


If Nicki was to give advice to her younger self, she’d say “explore yourself deeper and love yourself a little bit more, earlier in your life.”  The key to her success has always been her perseverance and she encourages entrepreneurs or future business owners to keep going and be optimistic.  The hardest part is often getting started so she urges people with an idea to “just do it, tell the universe you’re ready for it and start putting things into action.”   Although Nicky uses social media as a tool in her career, she also suggests millennial entrepreneurs to “be careful with because online you don’t see people posting about the struggles or bad days so it looks like anyone can do it and anyone can but it’s a lot of work.”  She also wants people to understand it’s not a copy and paste process and that her way of doing things doesn’t mean it’s right for how you operate so it’s important to analyze and continuously self-reflect. If you do want to take some pages out of Nicky’s book, remember to always show up for not only the job, but also yourself and be the first one there, and last to leave.  Nicky’s lasting impact as a CEO and community advocate is a legacy she hopes will influence those who come after her due to the empowerment and example she has established. 

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