Keys to Black Wealth Summit Teach Financial Freedom to Celebrate Juneteenth

Keys to Black Wealth Summit Teach Financial Freedom to Celebrate Juneteenth

wOver the weekend, the founders and speakers at the KeysToBlackWealthSummit shared life changing information to provide the keys to closing the racial wealth gap and creating generational wealth.

The 3 day Virtual Summit will feature ​some of the most dynamic culturally and socially impactful entrepreneurs of our generation such as Romeo Miller, Master P, LisaRaye McCoy, and more.

Live Civil had a chance to catch up with the event co-founders, David DeBerry II and Brandy N. Avery to discuss how there is no freedom without financial freedom.


Why is this event important to have especially with so much going on in the community as it relates to protests and the celebration of Juneteenth?

Brandy: This is our mission to celebrate financial freedom and solve the racial wealth gap. There’s been an issue dating back 400 years ago as it relates to the economic advancement and wealth creation within the Black community. Myself and David have been focused on this our entire careers. Right now it’s so pivotal because this is the first time in our generation we’ve ever seen something so prevalent and so loud as it relates to what’s going on in the Black community so what other better time to celebrate the meaning of wealth.

What does it mean to you when you say “there is no freedom without financial freedom?”

David: We can focus on issues, but we have to look at the root of the problem. We own less than 2% of the wealth in the United States, if you don’t own anything, you don’t control anything. That’s capitalism 101. It’s important for us to give those keys to people and really help them empower themselves and the first step is awareness.

How has the Coronavirus pandemic impacted the Black community financially?

Brandy: COVID-19 is a health crisis but it also exposed the economic crisis. Health and wealth is so directly correlated. COVID-19 exposed a lot of the disparates we face. Statistics say by 2053 the Black community will have zero net wealth so COVID-19 has 10x that time so now it’s here. We’re out of time as far as tackling this problem.


How can people such as your keynote speakers and other public figures reinforce Black Generational Wealth?

Brandy: Our unique approach to getting the information to our target market is using education and entertainment to get people in the room. Our keynote speakers bring that entertainment side, but they are also entrepreneurs. We want to meet people where they are so people can get what they need to apply it and move forward financially.

What do you think are the “keys” to building wealth in our community?

David: Without knowledge it’s pointless which is why in slavery they didn’t want us to read because all of the information is in a book. We start with financial awareness then work our way down. We focus on ownership, increasing income, getting your credit right, policy/law, and more. We have 7 keys in the new book that came out this weekend.

For more information, visit their website. 

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