Join (RED) for World AIDS Day

Join (RED) for World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, a day that is officially observed each year on December 1st. Many use this day to raise awareness and increase knowledge of the AIDS pandemic that is spread through HIV. Over 60 million people have been stricken with HIV/AIDS. Wether you are directly or indirectly affected by this serious matter, there are multiple ways that you can help not only yourself, but others as well.

Join (RED) is a movement that works with various mainstream companies to help create products that give profits to fight AIDS. From Nike to Apple, Gap, and Beats by Dre, each of these companies have created a product that will assist in finding a cure. As of recent, they have started (2015)Quilt which is apart of the Getting to Zero initiative and ending aids by 2015. I encourage all of my civil readers to join this cause and help as much as you can to put an end to this growing disease. Joining the quilt only takes 3-5 minutes and is an easy and fun way to show your support, because every bit counts. You can join the quilt by clicking the link below.

I leave you all with this note: Always be safe. Always be civil. Wether it’s practicing safe sex or getting tested more regularly than the suggested 3 months, do all that you can to stay negative.

Join the (2015)Quilt

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