Issa Rae Graces The Cover of Teen Vogue Ahead of Insecure Season 4

Issa Rae Graces The Cover of Teen Vogue Ahead of Insecure Season 4

Actor, Writer, and Producer Issa Rae appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue’s Magazine’s April edition before the return of ‘Insecure.’

Season 4 of  ‘Insecure’ returns Sunday April 12th @ 9PM EST, but first the show’s creator Issa Rae sat down with Teen Vogue to break down her journey to success and the new season of her hit HBO series.

Issa is the first Black woman to create and star in a premium cable series, and she’s at the forefront of a movement inspiring young Black creators to make more Black TV.

In the interview Rae talked with @GerrickKennedy about why she doesn’t considered herself an actress, why she took a break before season 4, and how she’s growing as a woman with purpose.

“I just want to try different things [and] keep getting better … because I’ve never considered myself an actress,” Rae admitted.  “I always considered myself a writer-producer — and an actress for fun. I want to make sure that with each project I’m taking on, I’m bringing something to the table and not just showing up as me. A lot of people don’t get this opportunity, so I don’t want to take it for granted.”

Issa revealed why it took longer than usual for a new season of ‘Insecure’ and emphasized the importance of her quality of work.  Rae also honestly spoke about her standards for the show and that she didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t “good.” She also admits some of the fun that went into making the show went away, so wanted to make sure she enjoyed it before creating again.

Insecure takes nine months out of my life. I’m pulling from life experience, and if you’re not living, then what are you really making? It’s a dream to be able to make this show, but I want to make sure that the show is also good.”

If you’re wondering what to expect in the upcoming season of insecure, Issa gave some insight during her sit down with Teen Vogue.

““I love this season so much,” Rae said.  “Season three we always knew was the building season. In the [writer’s room], we were always like, ‘Ooh, season four going to be lit!’ [This season is] just about asking the question: Are people in your life for a reason or a season?”

In the interview, Issa also discussed her most recent projects and achievements such as: becoming the new face of face of CoverGirl, executive producing A Black Lady Sketch Show, her ColorCreative Production banner’s deal with Columbia Pictures, and her record label with Atlantic Records.

Paramount recently partnered with Netflix for Issa’s recent film, The Lovebirds which will be released on the streaming platform instead of in theaters.  The release date hasn’t been announced yet.


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