Ignorance At Red Lobster Leads to Three Arrest

Ignorance At Red Lobster Leads to Three Arrest

So all isn’t perfect in the land of Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Endless Shrimp. Three Red Lobster customers were arrested last week for attacking a waitress who according to the patrons “refilled their glass to many times”.


Sharrell Evans, 21, Britley Green, 22, and Geneen Green, 44, are accused of striking the waitress with their hands and a menu at Red Lobster in Fairview Heights, Illinois, on Friday. These women should all be ashamed of themselves of all things to get upset at you get upset over a waitress trying to ensure you’re hydrated? Instead of telling the young lady you don’t need anymore water you pound on her? I’m almost guessing that the 44 year old woman is someone’s mother she couldn’t be the voice of reason and get this to stop?


This is the same red lobster that a few months ago had a similar incident in which a Missouri man pounced on a waitress for bringing him the wrong order.




Have we gotten to this point in society where we can’t control our animal like instincts that we feel the need to attack people for simple mistakes and being courteous? Situations like this can make a person paranoid it can lead to employees carrying weapons to protect themselves at work. At what point does the owner of this restaurant take some measures to ensure that his workers are safe and secure?


This situation is beyond messy and stupid this gives a stain to our community and feeds into the stereotype that we are argumentative and confrontational.


Do you feel like it’s time for this red lobster to close down or maybe hire security? Should the employees be afraid when they come to work?






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