How To Survive Cuffing Season During Covid-19

How To Survive Cuffing Season During Covid-19


It’s officially cold outside (or getting there for most of us), days are turning into nights faster, and cuffing season is kicking off. If you’re unfamiliar with “cuffing season,” it’s that time of the year from November to February where singles snatch up a temporary love interest for the holidays to “stay warm.”


While non-committal love may be in the air, don’t forget that covid still is too! With so many of us working from home without regularly seeing our friends, going to happy hours, or participating in work-related events to keep our minds occupied, not having a cuddle buddy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day is getting real!


As we potentially enter into lockdown 2.0, the threat of not being able to see family for the holidays is becoming the new norm. Many singles have had to face their loneliness head-on due to the long quarantine and isolation period which may bring on a bit of anxiety wondering if you should have an in-house bae to get through the cold winter months.


If you are stuck between losing your mind from lack of human touch or concerned if that warm embrace causes you to catch covid, here’s an option to consider when deciding which direction to go in; Virtual dating.



Now, it’s instantly frowned upon by some but don’t knock it until you try it! 


In light of coronavirus, dating apps have become the move. You have video capabilities and more screening options to narrow down your search for that ideal “holiday love.” This helps make the entire process a more convenient, money-saving option.


An article  in the Chicago Tribune pointed out that the perks of dating virtually are “not worrying about who pays, stressing as much about what to wear, where to meet or your safety.” A survey done by the dating app Match showed that 65% of singles who dated virtually liked their dates more and 59% feel like they had more meaningful conversations.


Rather than focusing on becoming a walking thirst trap, at first sight, each person has to put more effort into a quality exchange of discussion with each other. You actually get to know one another which is a plus. Instead of yelling over the crowd in a loud bar through awkward small talk with your masks on, you can go straight to making deeper connections mentally and emotionally right in the comfort of your own home. Or even better, figure out faster that they are not the one and move on to the next. 


If things are going well, you can virtually cook together or watch movies. Based on how bold you are you can even get your virtual freak on if things are progressing in that direction. Let’s be honest we all want to see the whole package before meeting IRL right?! Proceed with caution of course. Make sure you really trust them and record it not on. 



Video chatting also helps with deciding whether or not to meet in person. If you feel like you hit it off virtually your fears of catching covid for a complete loser will essentially go out the window.


The top virtual dating apps of 2020 include Grindr, the largest LGBTQ virtual dating app. Ship, which allows those friends who just won’t leave you alone about finding love to screen your matches for you. A recent crowd favorite where only women make the first move, Bumble. You can find a full list of dating apps you probably never knew existed here.


While “Rona” has dampened our plans for real-life love over the holidays, getting into a “situationship” is still possible to bring you out of your quarantine slump. Some key factors to keep in mind if you are strictly wanting nothing more than a bae for the next three months are:



When creating a virtual profile, don’t lie! It’s time to end this cycle of pretending to look, have, or do something you don’t just to impress someone to go out with you. Tell the truth so you can find a like-minded individual faster. Time is ticking by the way. If you need a little help creating your online profile, try these tips, they’ll make the process go much smoother.


Don’t settle for anyone just to have someone. It’s easy to allow the cold months of wanting physical warmth and social affiliation to let you make bad choices in partners. Especially if it’s just to avoid another year of being asked the same dreaded question over your potential Thanksgiving dinner with family via Zoom, “are you dating someone?” Save yourself the trouble and just don’t bother having any ol’ body around, you’ll definitely regret it.


Be upfront about what you want. No need to play games with someone’s mind during this time. We’re all grown and telling the truth as to whether you are looking for something long-term or not can surprisingly be very acceptable to a lot of people. Not only do you spare another person’s feelings, but you also save yourself drama too. Avoid being let down or worse, stalked. This simply shows the importance of setting your intentions from the start. Don’t let your hormones impair your judgment.


Now go forth and be great Civilians! Virtual dating doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you are patient with the process, upfront about what you want and open to trying something new, you just might have your holiday entanglement kicked off in time to enjoy Chipotles new “cuffing season” menu together. Yes, it’s a real thing.

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