How To Make The Most of The Last Full Moon of 2020

How To Make The Most of The Last Full Moon of 2020

You’ve made it! Today, Tuesday December 29 in the interesting year that has been 2020, is our final Full Moon.


Why You Should Care


Full Moons are the most potent part of The Lunar Cycle for release. This full moon will be in Cancer which will likely bring about an avalanche of emotions for you to sort through. It is truly the perfect time to let go out of anything or anyone that doesn’t deserve to come with you in 2021.


It’s Healing Time…


Take some time to get quiet and reflect on this year. What are the patterns, behaviors, projects and possible relationships that need to end? Write them all down on a piece of paper. You may not like what you see as this exercise will require some self accountability but, do not take this as an opportunity to beat yourself up. This is a chance for us to get honest with ourselves so that we can attract what we truly desire going forward.


If it is a person who needs to be released, write them an honest letter. They will never see it so, say everything you’ve ever wanted to say. This is about your healing.


Once you have everything written down, take a deep breath and let it out. If tears begin to flow, that’s totally ok. It’s important to note that 2020 was not “normal” by any means. You did what you had to do to survive.


If you can do so safely, burn this piece of paper. This is symbolic of releasing this weight from your shoulders and allowing your Higher Power to assist in the process. Express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned, it’s time to move on.


Next, it’s time for a bath. Submerging yourself in water will help to bring balance to this Cancer energy. Safely place and light white candles around your bathroom. White Candles are great for Calling in clarity, peace, and calm. I also suggest putting on a Binaural Beats playlist that supports what you need to be replenished with after your release.


photo by: Priscilla Du Preez


Here are a few of my suggestions for your bath:


Pink Himalayan Salt (relieves stress, provides emotional balance, relieve stress, eliminate negative energy)


Dead Sea Salt (reduces stress, increases energy, removes negative energy)


Epsom Salt (reduces anxiety, grounding, helps to remove the energy of others)


Chamomile (healing, soothes anxiety, purification, heals bad luck)


Rose (healing, restoration, self-love, good fortune, enhances psychic ability, attracts love)


Marigold (protection, increases psychic ability, peace, positive energy)


Lavender Essential Oil (cleanse and soothe the soul)


No need to stress if you don’t have all the ingredients. However, I suggest the Epsom Salt and an essential oil at minimum. These are easily accessible and affordable at your local grocery store.



Use Your Imagination


After you take some time to soak be sure to scrub your body with the ingredients you’ve gathered. As you do this, speak out loud about what you are scrubbing away from your mind, body, and life. Once you’re done and begin to let the water out of the tub, envision all you want removed and going down the drain with the water.


You Are Light…


You’ll know what to do next. Follow the intuitive nudge. You may need to have a conversation with someone. You may need to close a chapter on something. You may even realize that something you’ve been avoiding is here to stay and now you know you must devote more energy to do it.


Journal before bed to sort through any feelings that have come up for you. I wouldn’t make any sudden moves tonight as Cancer energy is very emotional. We need to make sure that you’re making strategic moves, not emotional moves.


Important Notes:

  • If you can’t do a release ritual tonight, no worries. This energy will last for 2.5 Days.
  • If you decide to burn the release list or letter, disregard the ashes away from your home.


What Do You Plan To Release and/or Heal Using The Full Moon In Cancer?


  • Twyla Tracey
    December 29, 2020

    Whew Chile!

    Rhis is exactly what I needed! These energies coming in strongly on this last full moon of 2020! I always feel like you be knowing just what a sis going through! Thanks for another great article Jhéanell!

  • Amber H.
    December 30, 2020

    Thank you for such an informative article! I have so much to release and am looking forward to doing this ritual!

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