Happy New Year: How to Achieve Your 2020 Goals

Happy New Year: How to Achieve Your 2020 Goals

We’re approaching 2020, so many of us are planning ways to be successful in the new year!  Setting goals is the easy part, but what can be more difficult is sticking to them!

To share some strategies on how to achieve goals when entering a new year, Dr. Chanda Reynolds gave us some tips on how to execute your vision properly!

“According to the University of Scranton, Only 8% of Americans actually achieve their new year goals, while a majority do not make it past March. Discussing roadblocks and identifying possible reasons why these past years have been a “New year, but the Same you” may result in behavior change.”

3 Reasons why you haven’t been achieving your goals:

1. Improper Goal Setting 

There’s a metric to goal setting, SMART Goals.





T-Time Specific

2. Unwritten Goals Don’t Yield Results 

Use very specific language and place writing in a visible area to serve as a daily motivator.

3. Set Boundaries

Set limits with work and with people.  Too much time spend at work or with people can hinder your personal goal growth.

“If your goals aren’t rooted in something that is important and valuable to you than you are liable to fall off track.” 

Dr. Chanda Reynolds, Mental Health Clinician
Guest Contributor

For more information on Dr. Chanda, visit her social media page.

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Happy New Year from Live Civil!

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